What has been keeping us busy?

The winter cold has been freezing more than just computers this month! There has been a lot of excitement lately, and it’s brought us some great fun, interesting jobs, and comfortable clothes. From setting up smart homes to building new PCs we have found plenty of things to keep us hot on our feet!







Journey helped our youngest customer, Eli, build his very own gaming PC that he bought with his own money! It took years of dedication and working at his family business to be able to afford this custom build.

With Valentines fast approaching there’s not a better time to be wearing pink! Thanks to our buddy Kipp from KB Designs & Apparel we’re set for the month.

Zak and Nathan appeared in Quantum PC’s very first timelapse! In which they show us how a professional network is assembled.

A big shoutout to Tom from DC LifeTech for getting us a sim card for our shop iPhone. With this we’ve been able to shoot some great stuff. Thanks for being awesome Tom!

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy with some big time home automation jobs. This is just a little snippet of the work done to create a marvelous smart home.




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The cold gets the best of us, even Chewy needs to take a moment to warm up before starting the day.