Welcoming Fall!

Summer has come to a close in Door County, but that doesn’t mean things are getting slower for us! In the past few months, Nathan made a trip out to Washington DC, we got a new bench from Harvest Fest, and of course, completed many fun jobs for our wonderful clients along the way! Keep reading to hear more about our end-of-summer happenings.


In case you missed it
In September, Nathan made a trip out to Washington DC for the DC Unconvention 2017! The Unconvention was a conference for IT business owners and was a great opportunity to learn about business strategies from fellow techs and small business owners. Nathan was there as a guest of Malwarebytes (our favorite AV), and he was able to bring new, fresh ideas back to our community! Check out a few more pictures from Nathan’s adventure.


Pictured above, Erin celebrates when she wins the beautiful bench made by local artist ebecca Struck at this year’s Sturgeon Bay Harvest Festival!

(Artist Rebecca Struck with our new bench now at our West Side store)

West Side Network: What better way to showcase the best equipment that we have gotten to use at Quantum PC than to set it up in our own store. Check out some pictures of our detailed cabling and the amazing finished product at the West Side store, all done by our team!

Now that the weather is getting chillier, we get to use our new Quantum PC sweatshirts made by Kipp from KB Designs & Apparel!

A few weeks ago, we worked with Madelyn Marina and the installation of new cameras. We went on the roof of the Lodge at Leathem Smith to install a wireless bridge to connect the new webcams for the marina. You are able to view live footage from the marina byclicking here! Check it out and enjoy the view!

Our recent big project is officially finished! A few weekends back, we completed our job at the grand, beautiful Glidden Lodge Resort in Sturgeon Bay. While we were there, we exponentially enhanced guest Wi-Fi so that everyone in the resort will have access to fast, reliable internet. In order to accomplish that, we installed the cabling infrastructure needed to reach the entire hotel, and were able to manage the wiring in the hallways in a tidy way. Check out the finished job below!