Smart Home Automation – Voice Activated Electronics

Smart Home Automation - Voice Activated Electronics

In case you have any doubt, we are living in a golden era of technological advancements. A few decades ago, we could rely on corded phones to communicate. Today we have “tiny” computers in our pockets that hold simultaneous communication functions. 1952 is the year when computers first understood human voice.

In 2000, significant tech development revolved around smartphones. The next big step in 2017 is the development of smart homes with voice-activated electronics. Smart home automation gives you a new level of control. The likes of Google Assistant and Siri are some of the platforms that have taken the smart home industry to another level.

Here are the voice-activated electronics that will enable you to tap into high-tech, dive in luxury and turn your home into a smart haven.

1. Amazon Echo

Amazon echo started as a small speaker that could stream whatever music you requested it to play. Years later it came apparent that Echo is a whole lot more. Connected to Alexa Voice Service, now you can control Amazon Echo with your voice to ask questions, play music, news, provide information, make calls, sports scores, among many other. You just need to ask. The speaker is enhanced with Dolby processing for enthralling sound. Beamforming and seven microphones enable this smart speaker to hear you even when the music is playing- across the room.

2. Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat

You just said hello to innovation. Honeywell is an interactive device that is explicitly designed to listen to your voice. Its learning function elevates it beyond a mere sound-activated device. Honeywell WiFi smart thermostat offers customizable email alerts, touch screen, WiFi remote access, and weather forecasting.
“Hello thermostat,” is all that you are required to say. After that, use the programmed commands to instruct the thermostat to perform the task that you want. After installation, this voice-controlled, cloud-based device will automatically recognize your voice. It gets smarter over time. You can program it from your smartphone, computer, and table- at any point across the globe.

3. Google Home

Google Home is an ultra-convenient smart gadget that helps in controlling your smart home devices. It connects to WiFi and allows you to ask questions about measurement, movie show times, weather, and even sports. This voice-controlled gadget pairs with music services like Pandora, Spotify or even iHeart radio to give you the desired music. LED light enables you to know when Google Home is listening to you.

4. Apple Homekit

Apple Homekit is one of the most comprehensive smart devices designed by Apple. It hides beneath, enabling various apps to interconnect. As a result, improved safety and efficiency become inevitable. It has data encryption that allows only those in your household to know you are setting your thermostat or lights. One app for all your devices. It will enable you to set several gadgets in motion with your voice on a simple tap. Being far from your house is no longer an issue. Thanks to technology. With this app, you can control everything at home, from any point of the world.

5. Jibo

It is not only a handsome product but powerful one too. It is explicitly designed with two high-resolution cameras that recognize, captures and track faces. It enables video calling, and you command it with simple phrases. Its smartness is impeccable. It can identify your family members and convey the right message to the right persons.

Parting Shot

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