Are Two Monitors Better Than One for Productivity?

Are Two Monitors Better Than One for Productivity?

When you see people that use two monitors instead of just one, are they just showing off or is there something more to it?

Several studies suggest that there is a lot more to it, especially when it comes to productivity.

Most of us have always known the one monitor per computer setup. That’s the way things have been done for years. Until lately, when initially the tech industry, and then others began adopting a two-monitor workflow.

It turns out that two monitors have several advantages that make this setup something you should consider for your strategic technology planning

Studies Show Over a 40% Increase in Productivity With a Dual-Monitor Workflow

Let’s take a look at some of the facts and figures from user studies that looked at a one-monitor workflow versus two-monitors. Then, we’ll touch on some of the reasons why that extra monitor can make such a big difference.

Study by Jon Peddie Research

Jon Peddie Research has been looking at the use of a dual-monitor setup since 2002 and has conducted a total of three surveys over the years about this topic, with the last one being in 2017. 

A survey of over 1,000 end users found an average productivity increase of 42% when users worked with two monitors instead of one.

Some other advantages that the study mentioned include:

  • Two monitors often cost less than one large one.
  • Two displays can offer better resolution than one large screen.
  • Support for a two-monitor workflow has increased steadily over the years.

Study Commissioned by Dell

Dell worked with Wichita State University and also referenced studies by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Utah for its report on the effectiveness of a dual-monitor workflow.

The studies looked at several factors, including two different sizes of screens, comparing both one and two-monitor workflows. Here are some of the findings:

  • Participants could complete a specific data-finding task over 2 minutes faster with two monitors.
  • Moving from one 17-inch screen to dual 19-inch displays translates to 56 extra workdays per employee per year due to increased productivity.
  • Users said their satisfaction was higher using a two-monitor setup.

Some of the user quotes from the Dell report include:

  • “The two-screen layout made finding information easy and quick.”
  • “I felt that I had enough space to have all the windows I needed open.”

Reasons to Consider Adding a Second Monitor

Reduce App Switching

Employees can lose as much as 32 days per year of productivity due to the need to constantly switch from one app to another. 

App switching happens all day long without us always noticing how much time it’s taking. For example, you’re working in a Word document, and need to look something up, so you switch over to your browser window, which now comes up in front of your document. You need to switch back to type in the information you just accessed.

And if you see an email come in… that means switching over to another app to see how important it is.

With two screens, you have a lot more space, so you can keep certain programs open, such as email or your browser. And instead of needing to jump between apps, you can simply access the other app, already open, on your other screen.

Side-by-Side Work is Easier

Multiple work tasks require having two separate windows open next to each other and referencing or comparing data between them. If you’re working with one screen, trying to manage side-by-side windows can be a challenge.

You end up having to continually scroll to see information and your task takes longer than it needs to.

With a second screen, you can have both documents open fully, with plenty of room to see each, while being able to reference data in both at the same time.

Inexpensive Investment for a Big Productivity Boost

Adding an additional monitor to a PC is one of the most inexpensive investments you can make for a big boost in productivity. Monitors cost just a fraction of what a computer costs and they’re simple to set up. 

It takes just a few minutes to plug in a second monitor and configure the PC settings to expand your screen space across that second display.

The over 40% productivity boost means that companies could end up seeing payback on a monitor investment in just one month, then continued ROI in productivity after that.

Makes Zoom Presentations Easier

When you’re sharing a screen and giving a presentation on Zoom, it’s difficult to reference anything else on your screen without it either getting in the way or having others in the meeting see it.

With a second monitor, you can choose which screen you’d like to share. Then you have full use of the other screen, hidden from participants, for everything from meeting notes to keeping an eye out for any urgent emails.

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