5 Technology Goals You Should Have for a More Optimized 2022

5 Technology Goals You Should Have for a More Optimized 2022

The new year is a time when people and businesses are optimistic as they look towards the future. There is something about closing the old year and beginning a new one that brings a sense of wanting to do better and improve.

For companies, this means optimizing their operations, growing sales, and perhaps making improvements to some troublesome areas. One of the biggest “bangs for your buck” when it comes to making your business better is to focus on your technology.

Your technology infrastructure and cloud environment play a big role in how well your company runs and how profitable you are. Technology infuses every part of your business, from your customer support experience to how much time it takes to handle reporting and HR activities.

How much of a difference can being “digitally advanced” make to your bottom line? In a study by consulting firm, Deloitte, small businesses that optimized their use of technology experienced the following benefits over those that didn’t:

  • 6x higher average employment growth rate
  • 2x more revenue earned per employee
  • Nearly 4x higher revenue growth over the previous year

What are some of the technology goals you should set for your business to foster a great 2022? Here are several ideas!

1. Audit & Streamline Your Use of Cloud Applications

If you’re not paying attention, cloud app use can quickly get out of hand. Employees will begin using cloud apps on their own, not realizing the security risk, and companies will end up paying for redundant applications, with cloud costs ballooning.

Your cloud infrastructure can serve you better if it’s streamlined and integrated. To do this you should conduct a cloud use audit to identify all applications being used in your organization for business purposes.

Then, eliminate redundancies and consolidate, using all-in-one platforms, such as Microsoft 365, which has native integration of all its apps.

2. Explore “Out of the Box” Virtual Meeting Capabilities

Virtual meetings have become the way most companies hold meetings these days due to the pandemic. But many companies are just using the minimum capabilities of their video conference platform.

Due to the skyrocketing use of virtual meetings, the companies that make these applications have been working to enhance the experience and make it more engaging.

Make a goal this year to check out some of the “out of the box” features that you may not even realize your video meeting application had. For example, Microsoft Teams is planning to bring 3D into the virtual meeting space this year. 

You’ll also find that many meeting platforms have automatic transcription that can save your team a lot of time taking meeting notes.

3. Begin Implementing a Zero-Trust Security Approach

If you want to avoid the new and more sophisticated threats on the horizon, it’s time to implement a zero-trust security approach.

This is an approach that has checks and balances and is designed to make security as airtight as possible, no matter what new threats might appear in the future.

For example, zero-trust incorporates the use of a safe list for programs that are allowed to run and block all others by default, rather than relying on a list of programs that need to be blocked, which can quickly become outdated.

The best thing about adopting a zero-trust cybersecurity approach is that it can be done one item at a time, which makes it easy on small business budgets.

4. Have Each Employee Learn One New Optimization in an App They Use Each Month

You’d be surprised how many productivity features are being added to your SaaS platforms all the time, and how many go unused because employees don’t have time to explore them.

Give your employees the time to optimize their workflow by setting aside about an hour or so each month that they’re allowed to explore features they haven’t used. You benefit from the boost in productivity, which will most likely garner more time savings than that one hour per month.

5. Replace Offline Spreadsheet Lists With Cloud-Based Processes

If you’re still recording things in offline spreadsheets like customer lists or equipment checkouts, make a goal to replace this outdated and time-consuming process.

There are a lot of cloud options out there that will make your lists collaborative and allow them to be accessed from anywhere. Another advantage of moving spreadsheet processes and lists into a cloud-based program (such as Microsoft Lists) is that you can then connect that process to certain automations to save even more time.  

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