Single Router vs Multi-Point Access: Which is Better for Your Business?

Single Router vs Multi-Point Access: Which is Better for Your Business?

No matter what your technology infrastructure looks like as far as computers, mobile devices, and cloud services, everything is relying on your wireless network to connect and communicate with the rest of the world.

When Wi-Fi first came out there was pretty much one option, to connect a router to your internet service provider’s modem and have all your devices connect to that single router’s wireless signal.

That hasn’t always worked out well for businesses, especially those that are built in multi-level offices or have begun adding more IoT devices in the last few years.

Some of the key issues with using just a single router to support the internet connectivity needs of your entire office include:

  • Areas with weak signal strength
  • Issues with solid walls or large furniture interfering with the signal
  • Problems extending your Wi-Fi signal
  • Too may devices slowing down the network
  • Difficulty getting a signal outside
  • Single point of failure if the router goes offline

The number of worldwide IoT devices is protected to increase by nearly 3x between 2018 and 2023 to 43 billion.

One thing that’s happened to alleviate this issue with the increasing demand on business wireless networks is a new technology that, instead of one router, uses a multi-point access strategy, also known as “mesh” networks.

Benefits of Using a Multi-Access Point Wi-Fi Network

Every business wants the same thing when it comes to their wireless connectivity. They want it to be fast, reliable, and give a strong signal wherever they need it.

Mesh networks with multiple access points offer a better way to build a wireless office network for several reasons.

What is a “Mesh” Network?

A mesh network is one that uses multiple access points, also called “nodes.” Each of these access points is like an individual router that your office devices can connect to. Each access point communicates with the others and the modem’s internet connection.

You can mount the wireless access points throughout your office or building, creating a web, or mesh, of connectivity that blankets the entire area with a strong, steady signal.

Here are the reasons to switch from a single router to a multi-point access Wi-Fi setup.

Eliminates Weak and No-Signal Zones

A mesh network allows your signal to extend to the far corners of your office, so you won’t have to worry about the desks stationed farthest from your router having a poor internet connection.

With a multi-point access Wi-Fi, everyone can be near an internet connection point and enjoy the same signal strength.

Easy to Extend Range

With a single router system, you can’t always easily extend the range to allow your wireless signal to cover more area. But with a mesh network, you can easily add on another access point unit to increase the range of your network.

Some multi-point access systems have unlimited ability to be extended. Each access point typically has a range of about 400-600 feet.

No Bandwidth Problems

If your entire office is connected to the same router unit, then if one person is uploading a large file and taking up a hefty amount of bandwidth, it can slow down everyone else’s connection.

Using multi-access points eliminates this issue, because a user can easily switch to another access point if needed. Networks are also often set up to automatically handle network needs and shift workload between access points to keep everyone’s connection fast.

Get Wi-Fi Outside

Mesh network systems include special units you can add that are designed for outdoor use. This allows you to easily add a wireless signal in outside courtyards or patio areas for your employees and customers.

No Problems with Obstructions

Solid block walls and heavy furniture are notorious for interfering with traditional router signals. Because a multi-access point network is blanketing your entire building with your wireless signal, it’s able to transit from one access point to another to easily get around obstructions and deliver a strong internet connection everywhere.

You Eliminate the Single Point of Failure

If your router goes down at the office, everyone is offline until that unit is repaired. When you’re using multiple access points, if one goes down, the others are there to pick up the slack, so your office stays online while you’re addressing the down unit.

This adds an important protection against unexpected downtime and helps avoid even short-term interruptions due to a router issue.

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