Simple Microsoft Workflow Tricks to Save You Hours per Week

Simple Microsoft Workflow Tricks to Save You Hours per Week

Have you ever been watching a friend or coworker doing something on their computer and saw them use a trick that you didn’t even know existed? You then adopted it and it totally changed your life! (or at least saved you a lot of time!)

There are tons of small workflow tips and tricks throughout the Microsoft ecosystem of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365. Often users miss time-saving shortcuts because they stay in their own “zone” when it comes to using their computer.

Quantum PC is here to help you widen your zone and learn some tips that can save you minutes each day and hours per week by helping you do things faster.

Add Hyperlinks with Control + K

When you’re adding links in a document or when editing a page in WordPress going through the process to manually add a link can take several clicks.

If you’re in Word, you might right-click, then have to take a few milliseconds to look for “Link” in the menu and click that to get the hyperlink window.

You can add links in half the time by highlighting the text you want to link and pressing CTRL + K. This keyboard shortcut will take you right to the hyperlink window.

Look Up Spelling in Word

A common workflow that many people use when typing a document in Word is this:

  • Typed a misspelled word and aren’t sure how to spell it.
  • Open a browser and type in the misspelling.
  • Get a corrected spelling (hopefully) from Google.
  • Retype the word.

You can do this much faster by never leaving the Word document. Instead, do this:

  • Typed a misspelled word and aren’t sure how to spell it.
  • Right-click on the word and click the corrected spelling. Word will correct it for you automatically.

Word will also give you a short definition so you can double-check you’re using the word you want to.

Employees lose on average 32 days a year of productivity due to constant app switching.

Calculate Numbers in Windows Search

Another way to eliminate an additional app you must open is to use your Windows 10 search as a calculator. And no, we don’t mean to search for your calculator app, we mean search can do the calculations for you!

You’ll be amazed at the features that Microsoft has added to its master search in the Task Bar and acting as a calculator is one of these.

Just type in your equation, such as 4 x 55, in the search box, and you’ll see the answer along with a native calculator tool instantly, saving you time.

Find Odds & Ends More Easily in OneNote

One of the often-overlooked apps you get with Microsoft 365 is OneNote. This app is much more than just a “note-taking” tool, it’s a master filing system to find all those odds and ends of information. Things like the steps you were just emailed to unsubscribe a user from your company emails or ideas you run across for great social media posts.

Rather than keeping these bits of information on sticky notes, in your email inbox, or on different documents stored on your hard drive, use OneNote. It allows you to add images, video, text, checklists, tags, and even do audio recordings for meetings.

The biggest benefit is the time you save finding all those odds & ends which are now in one place and easily searchable.

Microsoft OneNote

Let Word’s Resume Assistant Write Job Descriptions for You

One feature in Word that’s tucked into the Review menu is Resume Assistant. Many people overlook its helpfulness because they’re not writing or updating a resume.

But, if you ever need to hire someone or update your office job descriptions, this tool can practically write a description for you and save you tons of time.

Resume Assistant connects you to LinkedIn profiles. When you enter a job title, you can instantly see how others with that title describe what they do. You can also narrow your search by adding an industry.

Get to Functions Faster in Office Apps Using the Top Search

There are always those functions you run across that can take a frustratingly long time to find. For example, you know that there is a way to set your margins in Word, but you have no idea where it is. So, you end up wasting valuable time just looking for the menu item you need.

The top search bar in Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can get you exactly what you need in an instant in most cases. Just type what you want to do, such as “margin” and you’ll get a link to that function.

This works for all sorts of functions, such as inserting an image into an Outlook email message, changing page orientation, and much more.

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