What Types of Things Can be Handled by Remote Tech Support?

What Types of Things Can be Handled by Remote Tech Support?

Residents of Wisconsin, much like the rest of the country, are under a stay at home order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It seems like just at a time when technology is being relied on more than ever before, you can’t go out to a PC shop to get the help you need.

But did you know that the PC shop can come to you virtually?

Just like telehealth, remote tech support has been around for a while. But not everyone considers it because they’re unsure what it can do. So, people end up struggling with a problem, when their issue could be fixed in as little as 15 minutes through a remote login.

The fact is that most computer issues that people have can be fixed without any in-person visit needed. That’s handy during this pandemic, and really, anytime at all when you want to save time and money.

Are you working at home and having trouble with a remote connection to your office server? Have a student that needs help uploading an assignment? Think you might have a virus?

Those are just a few of the many things that can be handled remotely.

How Does a Remote Session Work?

Quantum PC uses an award-winning remote support software. It’s simple to use and can be used for both Mac and Windows systems.

To begin a remote support session, you simply download and run the quicksupport client from our website and it’s just like we’re sitting in front of your computer.

Remote support sessions are completely secure. They also include your choice of contact using text, voice, live chat, or video conferencing, so we can talk you through what the issue is. You can also watch while the magic happens!

All These Things Can be Handled by Remote Login

Here are just a few of the common computer problems that can be solved with a convenient remote support session.

Email Setup & Support

If you’re having trouble setting up your work email on your personal computer, you can save hours of frustration. Just connect with our remote support team and we can do the setup for you.

Virus Scanning and Removal

The longer a virus is in a system, the more damage it can do. If you think you may have clicked a phishing link or you’re noticing unusual system behavior, it’s best to have a virus scan done as soon as possible.

We can connect in minutes, scan your system and remove any threats that we find.

Printer Installation

Connecting a new printer can be time consuming if things aren’t going smoothly. This is another issue that we can tackle remotely to save you time and stress.

PC Speedups/Tune-Ups

Has your computer become slow and sluggish? PC optimizations for speed can also be handled via remote login. We’ll apply a number of sophisticated tune-up tactics to your system that can help speed things up considerably.

Software Updates & Upgrades

Going through a major software update can be intimidating. They don’t always go smoothly, and you can be left with problems if it’s not done right.

We can handle software upgrades and updates remotely and will stay with you until we’ve ensured that everything has updated smoothly without any hiccups.

Office 365 or Other Application Issues/Support

Are you having trouble with a chart in Excel? Need help customizing Office 365 security settings? We’re faster than waiting on hold with a software manufacturer forever, and can video chat with you at the same time we’re logged in.

We can fix any software issue via remote support.

Backups and Deleted File Recovery

Are you suddenly missing a folder that was synching with Dropbox? Need help with an online backup? We can help with a number of backup and recovery issues through a remote session.

System Error Messages

Some error messages are due to software problems, while others are a warning of an impending hard drive crash. We can login remotely to do a full system diagnostic to run down the cause of any system error messages that you’re seeing.

Unwanted Popups or Webpage Redirections

Popups and website redirections are signs of adware or another form of malware. This is another issue that we can solve remotely by logging in and doing a full system scan to identify the culprit and remove it.

We can help with most user problems using our remote tech support, but if there happens to be something that needs to be fixed in the shop, we offer pickup and delivery services too!

Try a Remote Support Session with Quantum PC Today!

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