How Quantum Care IT Services Can Strengthen Your Business

How Quantum Care IT Services Can Strengthen Your BusinessWouldn’t it be handy to have the equivalent of a “check engine” light on your computer like your car has? That helpful glow alerts you to have a mechanic check your car for any maintenance that needs to be done before bad things happen.

If you had it on your office computers, you could know just when to contact IT support to proactively manage the health of your system before a major system crash occurred.

That’s the idea behind Quantum Care by Quantum PC Services. It provides the monitoring and alerts you need to ensure the technology backbone of your business is running smoothly and that IT service is handled proactively (before bad stuff happens), rather than reactively.

Our whole Quantum PC Services Team has a passion for technology and helping businesses in Sturgeon Bay, WI and the surrounding area find affordable tech support that helps their companies thrive.

So, what is Quantum Care and what can it do for you? We’re going to go through the benefits of this managed services plan and how it can be a lifesaver and stress reliever for your company.

Why Do I Need A Managed Services Plan?

If you’re handling the day-to-day updates and backups for your computers yourself and just calling in IT support when there is a major issue, it could be costing you more than you think.

If you wait for your car to stop running before getting an oil change, the repair will cost much more than those regular visits to the quick lube place. The same is true of computer and network issues that may go unnoticed until a major problem stops your office in its tracks.

98% of organizations say that 1 hour of downtime costs them $100,000. (Rand Group)

You may think $100,000 sounds high for an hour of downtime, but the total cost of having a computer or network down doesn’t only include the urgent repair costs. Downtime costs also include:

  • Lost staff productivity
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Recovery of any lost data
  • Restoration time to get the office back to where it was before the incident

Managed services plans like Quantum Care offer you more than just a single “check engine” light. When you work with Quantum PC Services, you receive ongoing monitoring plus several other proactive IT benefits and get three plan sizes to choose from to meet your distinct business needs.

What Do You Get with Quantum Care?

Quantum Care is a lightweight application that we download onto your computer, so we can monitor its health. It works in the background watching your system like a hawk and sending up an alert should anything need attention, so you can get our help right away.

Quantum Care proactively watches for potential issues so our top team of IT pros can address them BEFORE they become a problem. Saving you time, hassles, and the cost of downtime.

How Does It Work?

We do a baseline maintenance and cleanup of your computer first, then install our Quantum Care Help Desk application. Then we start monitoring important aspects of your system dealing with diagnosing hardware and software issues. We never track personal information.

The type of information that is monitored includes:

  • Hardware status for Hard Drive, CPU, Fans, Memory, and Motherboard
  • Programs that are currently installed
  • Applications that run automatically at startup
  • Security status, such as recent malware detected and anti-virus updates
  • Operating system and applications update status

What Services are Included?

Services offered with Quantum Care (depending upon which package you choose) are:

  • Monitoring your system for any issues to prevent them from become a major problem.
  • We provide you with managed anti-virus software that can detect and remove harmful malware or viruses.
  • Award-winning unlimited remote support
  • We take care of all your operating system and software updates for you to keep your computers secure and running efficiently.

Quantum Care Packages (sized to fit everyone’s business needs!)

Our expert Team at Quantum PC Services enjoys working with all sizes of businesses in Sturgeon Bay and the surrounding area. We know that it’s important to give you a managed service plan that fits you like a glove. So, we offer three different packages.

With all our packages, we will notify you of any hardware issues detected and how we can fix it.

Quantum Care Basic Package

  • Monitoring
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Advanced Tech Specialist Care

Quantum Care Advanced Package

  • Monitoring
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Advanced Tech Specialist Care
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Unlimited Remote Support

Quantum Care Pro Package

  • Monitoring
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Advanced Tech Specialist Care
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Unlimited Remote Support

Plus… these awesome business-boosting essentials

  • Microsoft Office 365 Mailboxes
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Subscriptions (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and more)
  • Network Administrative Management
  • Asset Evaluation and Documentation
  • Monthly Strategic Planning Meetings

So, no matter where you are with your tech support needs, there’s a Quantum Care Package that can give you cost saving IT monitoring and support at a budget-friendly price.

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