How Can You Protect Your Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment This Winter? With a Quantum PC Maintenance Plan

How Can You Protect Your Outdoor Wi-Fi Equipment This Winter? With a Quantum PC Maintenance PlanWhen the weather’s warm and the sun is shining, outdoor Wi-Fi at places like campgrounds, marinas, or hotel courtyards and pools is a popular bonus. Just about everyone’s connected through mobile devices these days and having that extra benefit of Wi-Fi availability outside can set a business apart from their competition.

But how do you keep all that outdoor equipment protected when the freezing weather comes? Everyone’s indoors then, except for the Wi-Fi and Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE).

Quantum PC Services provides network setup for companies in the Sturgeon Bay area to expand their wireless network outdoors, but we also provide a way to keep it safe during the winter season.

Our Quantum Care program includes a maintenance plan for outdoor Wi-Fi and CPE equipment so companies don’t have to worry about damage during the winter when it’s not in use.

In this article, we’ll talk about why offering outdoor Wi-Fi to your customers may help boost your business, offer advertising opportunities, and gain you loyalty. We’ll also go over our Quantum PC Services Wi-Fi and CPE Maintenance Plan and how it can take the headache out of the seasonal care needed to keep equipment in top condition.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Wi-Fi?

Some small businesses may think that offering outdoor Wi-Fi for customers is just an extra cost with no benefit, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Studies show that offering free Wi-Fi increases:

  • Foot traffic into their business
  • The amount of time spent there
  • The amount of money that customers spend

Between 50% to 79% of small businesses saw customers spend more money after installing free Wi-Fi.

According to Small Business Trends, about half of small businesses just deploying customer Wi-Fi with no particular plan reported more sales, and those that had a mission to serve customers better with that Wi-Fi, saw about 79% of customers buying more at their shop or facility.

Our Quantum Care Wi-Fi Maintenance Team works with many businesses in the Sturgeon Bay, WI area and beyond to help them map out a Wi-Fi plan and keep their outdoor equipment in top shape.

Here are some of the reasons they use a seasonal outdoor Wi-Fi system:

Increases Guest Satisfaction

Whether you’re a mall with an outside courtyard or a campground, guests like that little “extra” they get as a freebie and it makes their time with you more enjoyable.

Differentiates Them from the Competition

People increasingly look for Wi-Fi availability when choosing facilities to visit. If your hotel has Wi-Fi available in outside areas like pools or courtyards, and your competition doesn’t, it sets you apart.

Great Advertising Opportunity

You know that little screen that people see when they’re connecting to a free Wi-Fi? That’s a prime spot to advertise upcoming events or daily specials. You can also get your business included on any Wi-Fi availability maps.

Attract New Customers

While someone on the street may just visit your business initially to get a Wi-Fi connection, there’s a good chance they’ll take a look at what you have to offer and become a new customer.

Quantum PC Services Seasonal Outdoor Wi-Fi Maintenance Plan

If you’re worried that dealing with an outdoor Wi-Fi will be a hassle, you have nothing to fear. Our Outdoor Wi-Fi Maintenance Plan takes care of everything to do with the Wi-Fi CPE, which includes all the communications equipment that is outside, like a wireless router and wireless access point.

We make it easy for you with an affordable plan, so you can focus on your business with no worries about your equipment

When you sign up for our Outdoor Wi-Fi Maintenance Plan, we will:

  • Break down your Wi-Fi equipment
  • Store the equipment for you for the winter
  • Redeploy the Wi-Fi in the spring with an expert setup

All you need to do is tell us when you’d like it taken down and when to put it back up. No hassle!

And if you’ve been thinking about adding a guest Wi-Fi, we can help with that too. We’re experts at mapping out and setting up Wi-Fi connections (both inside and outside) and we’re big on security!

We go the extra mile to make sure your wireless network is secure from hackers and that only those that you allow can connect to it.

And… if you need some tips on how to use that connection screen for marketing coupons and specials, we’ve got a great web services team to help you out.

Learn More about Our Outdoor Wi-Fi Maintenance Plan!

Take the stress out of putting up and taking down your Wi-Fi when the seasons change. Our Quantum Care service plan for outdoor Wi-Fi equipment takes all the stress out of hosting an outside guest Wi-Fi, so you can just enjoy the benefits.

Give us a call to learn more at 920-256-1214 or contact us online.