Does My “Run from Home” Business Really Need Managed IT Services?

Does My "Run from Home" Business Really Need Managed IT Services?

The rise of cloud computing over the last decade or so has led to a transformation in the workforce and business landscape.

There are now more freelancers than ever before, and more companies being run completely remotely from the founder’s home.

As of two years ago, 16% of companies operated completely remotely with 40% of them offering hybrid options, both remote and in-office.

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely accelerated that trend, and today there’s an increasing number of freelancers and entrepreneurs running all types of businesses from their homes.

While this offers cost savings from not having to pay for a physical office space, it can also lead to risk if you’re not protecting your work computer properly with a managed service plan.

Just because you may be running your business from home, doesn’t mean your technology isn’t just as important, or just as much at risk, as if it were being used in an office setting.

Cyberattacks increased nearly 40% during March 2020.

Cybercriminals aren’t blind to this “work from home” trend and have been targeting home networks and increasing cyberattacks.  If your computer isn’t properly protected, it can put your business and very livelihood at risk.

Reduce Costs & Risk with a Quantum Care Plan for Your PC

There are a number of advantages to using a managed IT service plan like Quantum Care to protect your home business computer.

Not only can you prevent a costly ransomware attack or data loss incident, you can also increase your output, and thus your income, by having a well-managed system.

Here are the reasons to consider having your computer taken care of remotely by a professional.

Protect Your Computer from Malware & Viruses

Managed antivirus is more proactive than just installing a run-of-the-mill antivirus on your computer. With the managed antivirus in a Quantum Care plan, you have proactive detection and removal of harmful malware and viruses happening 24/7.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting a vital system file yourself because you don’t recognize it. You have the safety net of a team of professionals to ensure your system is safe and clean of any malicious scripts.

Keep Your Computer Optimized and Fast

If you’re a freelancer trying to save money, you may be working on an older computer that has slowed down significantly over time. Often hardware or software issues can cause this and can be stealing hours of time away from you every week.

When you get paid based upon your output, if you take twice as long to complete a graphic design because of a slow system, you’ve just cut your income in half.

With a managed IT services plan that includes unlimited remote support and system monitoring, you can keep your PC optimized, so you’re able to get more done and increase your output.

Have Updates Managed for You

Last year, 60% of data breaches occurred because someone didn’t apply a security patch that had been issued, and a hacker took advantage of that open vulnerability.

Updates can be annoying, especially when you’re in the middle of something and don’t want to stop what you’re doing. Some software updates can also bring a computer to a crawl, hogging up system resources, so users shut off auto updates, so they’re not blindsided.

But in order to prevent data loss through a ransomware attack or a full-fledged virus infection that cripples your system, these updates for your OS, applications, and hardware need to be applied regularly.

This can be handled in the background, without interruption through a managed services plan.

Get Support When You Need It

One drawback of running a business from home is that you can feel disconnected from the type of support that other businesses take for granted. But just because you work from home, doesn’t mean you can’t have (or need) expert IT support.

A large percentage of computer issues, software help, and more can be done through remote support. It’s like having a tiny IT pro inside your computer when you need them.

Instead of wasting hours trying to get a customer presentation to print or risk trying to remove malware yourself, you can save valuable time by contacting our remote support. With no travel needed, we can login and help in minutes.

Mitigate Downtime

When your computer is down, your business takes a big hit. It’s not like you’re working in a large office building, where another system can be used in the interim.

For freelancers or virtual business owners, their entire income can depend on one computer. This makes it even more important that it gets the protection it needs to stay up and running.

Some of the ways that a Quantum Care plan can keep your PC from crashing include:

  • Ongoing monitoring for any impending issues, like signs of a hard drive crash
  • Regular maintenance and upkeep
  • Monitoring of important hardware (fans, CPU, motherboard, etc.)

Protect Your Income by Protecting Your Computer

Quantum PC Services offers flexible levels of our Quantum Care plan to fit every need and budget. Protect your income and work more efficiently and securely!

Contact us today to sign up. Call 920-256-1214 or reach us online.