What Are the Benefits of Microsoft’s Newest Teams Add-in for Employee Experience?

What Are the Benefits of Microsoft's Newest Teams Add-in for Employee Experience?

Microsoft Teams has been one of the most popular cloud applications of the pandemic. User counts increased 475% between November 2019 and October 2020. The combination of virtual work hub with chat, voice, and video communication have made it a vital tool for remote employees.

Now Microsoft is placing an even bigger bet on Teams becoming a more valuable part of its Microsoft 365platform through a new add-in to improve employee experience.

Launched in February 2021, Microsoft Viva is a whole new concept in employee engagement and wellbeing. This add-in brings four important areas of human resources into a single place, integrated with everything else employees do within Teams.

This new employee experience solution makes it easier for organizations to empower their teams with the knowledge they need to stay productive, prevent burnout, and continue to enrich their career.

Four Main Components of Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva has four main parts that all work together to make organizations better by making their teams stronger. These include:

  • Viva Topics: This component connects people to the knowledgebase of information your company has built up through intuitive in-conversation links and automated topic pages. It automatically organizes your company content.
  • Viva Connections: Give employees a curated experience through an information portal containing both internal and external resources, plus connections to their team.
  • Viva Learning: Make ongoing training and skills enrichment less onerous by bringing several learning systems into one place. Employees can be empowered by both formal and informal learning opportunities.
  • Viva Insights: Gives both employees and their managers insights on how to balance productivity and wellbeing for a healthier and happier team.

Viva Insights from Microsoft

Advantages of Using Microsoft Viva

Make Your Collective Knowledge Easier to Find

Throughout the years, employees in a company will create a number of helpful documents. For example, an HR department might create tips on how to handle difficult customers and a sales manager you had several years ago, might have written a great manual on how to explain your value proposition to customers.

The problem is that documents are created at a dizzying pace today and trying to find a manual from two years ago, may not be a simple task. But what happens when a company’s collective knowledge goes untapped or is lost?

People end up trying to reinvent the wheel, which costs a company money.

The Viva Topics component in MS Viva automates the process of organizing your company’s valuable knowledge. It uses AI to identify topics and companion topics and then serves them up to users when relevant, ensuring you don’t lose that hard won knowledge and users don’t have to continually go searching for it.

Viva Topics

Improve Productivity by Preventing Burnout

77% of surveyed professionals say they have experienced burnout at their jobs. Whether it’s due to unrealistic expectations or never feeling like you’re “off work” if you work from home, burnout is prevalent, and it tanks productivity.

Viva Insights shines a light on some of the factors that cause employee burnout and incorporates helpful tips into an employee’s day to help ward off overwork.

These include things like reminders to take regular breaks and to have a “mental commute” from work to home, even if you telecommute.

The manager insights help supervisors be more proactive about potential employee burnout by giving them general team insights on how long employees are working and how their habits may have changed when switching to remote work.

Make Ongoing Training Easier

Trying to come up with a training program tailored to each position and employee can be time consuming, and many small businesses just don’t have the time. Yet if you want your business to grow, your employees need to grow.

74% of surveyed employees say they feel they aren’t achieving their full potential at work because their skills aren’t being developed through learning opportunities.

Viva Learning makes it easy to connect platforms like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and many others right into the Teams interface. Links to training and skills development opportunities can be linked in a Teams conversation naturally, making for a more streamlined and less time intensive training management process.

Create a Corporate Social Network

Sending out company newsletters by email is so last decade! Today’s millennial employees and Zoomers are used to interacting in social media style interfaces and are quite adept at it.

Use that to your advantage using Viva Connections, which creates the same type of atmosphere for companies. You can give team members easy access to relevant news topics, company news, conversations, and other resources. The company-branded experience is completely personalized and designed to foster connections.

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