Microsoft Viva Sales Is Coming Soon! We’ll Tell You All About It!

Microsoft Viva Sales Is Coming Soon

Over a million businesses use Office 365, with over 879,851 businesses in the United States adopting the office suite software. The most recent addition to Microsoft’s Viva suite, which the company refers to as an “employee experience platform,” is Viva Sales. Microsoft’s Viva Sales landing page states that it will function with “any CRM” system and will be available in “Q4 2022.”

Microsoft is a godsend for most businesses, thanks to its innovative team management, employee experience, and collaboration features. Microsoft brought along Viva, which is the company’s most recent offering, and it has piqued the interest of businesses.

Microsoft Viva was created to help organizations adapt to the remote work era. Microsoft Viva leverages the power of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 to integrate the employee experience. 

Moving away from employees at work, Microsoft introduced Viva Sales, designed especially for the sales team, to help and support managers and sales representatives. 

Why Microsoft Viva Sales?

According to Microsoft, many salespeople only spend one-third of their time talking to clients; the other two-thirds is spent on internal workflows and processes. Every firm has a great chance to enhance the sales process, even though the precise percentage of time a salesperson spends with a customer will vary by organization. 

As a result, Microsoft announced Viva Sales as the new sales tool or “new seller experience application.” This tool works in the best interest of sellers or sales teams.

By easing the stress of manually entering data and automating tasks into their existing CRM, Viva Sales takes the work out of the sales process and frees up sales teams’ time to focus and build customer relationships.

Viva Sales targets the pain spots for sellers by making each stage of the digital sales process more straightforward. They will be able to modify and customize prospect lists, easily communicate and share customer information with colleagues in Microsoft Teams using the @mention feature, build stronger customer relationships with integrated AI technology, and generate dashboards during the workflow.

The General Idea Behind Viva Sales

The general idea behind why Viva Sales was created was to make discovering, sharing, and logging prospect and customer information easier. Viva Sales seeks to dismantle data silos and connect data across programs like CRM, email, collaboration, and productivity tools. 

In a demonstration video, Microsoft showed off the system’s ability to seamlessly integrate customer and prospect engagement data from Microsoft Dynamics into Office applications, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.

Thanks to the integrated AI, Viva Sales acts as a sales instructor to advance deals with tips and reminders. This layer of intelligence present in Viva Sales gives sellers the knowledge they require to boost productivity.

How Beneficial is Viva Sales?

Microsoft Viva and all of its components provide limitless opportunities to improve your staff’s effectiveness and create organizational success, all while ensuring that everyone feels connected and part of a team.

Microsoft Viva Sales reinvents the selling experience by providing salespeople with AI-driven insights and data automation. Due to this, sellers will be able to record, access, and register data in any customer relationship management (CRM) system automatically.

Benefits of Viva Sales include

  • Provision of Real-time Transcription

Real-time transcription, sentiment analysis, and conversation insights are further features of Viva Sales that can aid in directing a salesperson during a call. The salesperson/representative will not be required to take notes since the AI embedded in the platform records the meeting’s transcript and captures a list of action items. This prevents distraction due to taking notes.

  • Provision of Tools for Sellers and the Insights Sales Leadership Needs. 

Sellers can tag customers while working in Teams, Outlook, or Office programs like Excel. Viva Sales will instantly record it as a customer record, overlaid with all appropriate customer data. Without having to retype or search for it in a CRM, this data can be quickly shared with team members working together in Office and Teams.

  • Utilizing your current CRM

Using your current CRM platform, Viva Sales helps lighten the load of tedious data input duties load. With more consistent data management, Viva Sales enables you and your staff to stay on top of client interactions.

  • Integrated with Artificial Intelligence

By automating the more uphill portions of the sales process, Microsoft and your CRM’s AI integration boosts income. You can use conversational intelligence call summaries and call action items to learn more about your consumers. With AI-driven follow-up ideas and reminders, sale deals can be closed quickly.

  • Creating and Customizing Dashboards

You will be able to create personalized dashboards that contain all the necessary information in one place for simpler client relationship management. When you download your customer list, Viva Sales will instantly update it.

  • Uses Context IQ

Announced last fall, Viva Sales uses Context IQ to connect relevant content across Microsoft services and apps, such as Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, to help salespeople save time and remain productive.

This is something employees across all functions are requesting: A new selling application.

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