How Microsoft Universal Print Can Improve Office Efficiency

How Microsoft Universal Print Can Improve Office Efficiency

In the digital era, businesses constantly seek innovative solutions to streamline operations and improve efficiency. One area where organizations can make significant strides is in print management. Printing is an essential aspect of every business. 

However, traditional print infrastructure can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to technical issues. While many aspects of productivity have been digitized, print management remains an area where inefficiencies can persist. Most especially, printing management becomes more difficult as more people work remotely. Also, printers can often be a source of data breaches and cyber-attacks.

According to Ponemon, about 60% of businesses reported a data breach that involved printers. In comparison, an average of 44% stated that the printers in their organization are not secured due to unauthorized access to data stored in the printer’s storage.

So how can print management issues be addressed to benefit both onsite and remote workers and provide a safe and excellent printing experience? This is where Microsoft Universal Print—a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes traditional print infrastructure and offers a streamlined approach to print management enters the picture.

This article will discuss more on Microsoft Universal Print and how it can improve the efficiency of your organization.

What is Microsoft Universal Print?

Microsoft universal print is an M365 cloud print service that streamlines business services and allows onsite and remote employees to print documents from any device via the cloud, thereby eliminating on-premises infrastructure. 

It provides a robust and centralized print management capability for users to experience a straightforward print experience while eliminating the need to run an on-premise center to access and maintain active directories, print servers, or install print drivers.

The best part? Microsoft Universal Print is a service powered by Microsoft Azure with a centralized Azure portal. It is a multi-tenant print solution, and as a result, all print jobs are designed to run over the internet and spool from Office Data Storage. 

The benefit of this service is that users may print their documents to any printer in any connected location of their organization without being connected to the corporate network. This brings about convenience and efficiency

How Microsoft Universal Print Can Improve Office Efficiency

Below is how Microsoft universal print can improve office efficiency:

Simplified Printing Management

Microsoft Universal Print eliminates all printing mistakes and enables fast and easy printing from any device. Since all printing jobs can be managed entirely via the cloud, it reduces the complexity of monitoring, tracking, and managing printing devices. 

IT teams can also easily add, remove, configure, and manage printers, drivers, and policies from a single console, saving time and reducing the administrative burden.

Enhance User Experience

Microsoft Universal Print offers an integrated user interface by allowing users to navigate and print from any application or app using a single print dialog box. This eliminates the need to install drivers or navigate between print dialog boxes. Since a cloud-based server powers it, printing is more convenient and quicker.

For optimal user-friendliness, Microsoft has included a GPS-based location search, making it easier for users to search for the nearest printer based on the desired location.

Improves Productivity

Microsoft Universal Print is a cloud-based print management that allows businesses and their workers to print from any device, like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, regardless of operating system or location. 

This means that remote employees can log in and connect through the cloud solution and still have access to the printers they need. This makes printing easy and accessible from anywhere, and it improves the productivity and satisfaction of the employees.

Furthermore, Microsoft universal print enables IT teams to establish the most effective print settings for teams working remotely based on how they work. It also saves their time and enhances operational efficiency.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Microsoft Universal Print improves office efficiency by eliminating the need to maintain print infrastructure, reducing capital and operating costs. Businesses can also benefit from affordable printing solutions that save time and money. This also reduces the expensive cost of hardware maintenance, software license costs, and updates.

Secure Printing

Regarding cybersecurity risk, printers are generally overlooked in any workplace, whether remote, hybrid, or traditional. But if not safeguarded, it can lead to vulnerabilities, allowing an attacker to compromise personal data and infiltrate the network.

However, Microsoft’s universal Print has security measures that help protect your network and limit the danger, effectively reducing data breach costs. Microsoft Universal Print also aids in the protection of sensitive data and the prevention of illegal access to various print jobs both within and outside the company. It also encrypts print jobs in transit as well as at the printer.

Reduce IT Burden

Microsoft Universal Print reduces your IT team’s work by centralizing various activities and workflows. It gives your IT staff more visibility over your complete print infrastructure through a single console. Also, because the system is cloud-based, your team may view your dashboard from anywhere if they have an internet connection.

Increased Flexibility

Microsoft Universal Print is scalable and can dynamically adapt to changing company demands. Whether you have a single office or multiple locations, the solution adapts to your requirements. As your organization grows, you can easily add new printers or remove outdated ones, ensuring that print infrastructure aligns with your evolving needs.

 It can also help to accelerate the delivery of other related technologies or efforts, such as digitalization, security, and analytics.

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