Learn How Microsoft Places Helps Companies Manage Today’s Hybrid Workforce

Learn How Microsoft Places Helps Companies Manage Today's Hybrid Workforce

The global working system is gradually going through rapid change, and organizations are more readily adopting the hybrid work model. This model allows employees to be flexible about where (and when) they work. They can work at the physical office or from home on specific days. 

Many companies worldwide are gradually implementing this into their work system and making it a permanent work model. 74% of companies in the United States are either using a permanent hybrid system or planning to implement it. This is because the hybrid work model allows companies to lower costs, increase productivity and recruit a wider pool of qualified workers.

With this new system gaining rapid acceptance by companies, creating a digital workspace capable of coordinating general work operations became essential. This birthed Microsoft’s introduction of the Microsoft Places application, billed for launching by 2023.

Microsoft Places is a team management app created to optimize workspaces for hybrid working. The app enables workers to develop dashboards to manage their tasks and resources. Business executives can also control the general hybrid operations and monitor the team members scheduled to work at the office each day of the week.

At a time when companies have a handful of their workforce cut across different locations, Microsoft Places will assist them in developing the kind of workspace that fosters exceptional teamwork, engagement, and productivity. Let us look at how this application will help the company’s hybrid workforce management.

How Beneficial Is Microsoft Places?

For executives and staff, Microsoft Places integrates many planning and resource management tools into a single application to assist managers in organizing their workforce and achieving desired results through intelligent technology, hybrid scheduling, and other Microsoft Places features.

Microsoft Places helps companies to achieve three primary goals, and they are:

Help Coordinate Where Work Takes Place

Microsoft Places hyper-scheduling functions automatically collect data and allow team members to see the week ahead and determine which days co-workers and close collaborators will be in the office. This function also provides an overview of which days have the most in-office attendance; in turn, information can be used to better coordinate staff meetings within the company.

Modernizes the Office Environment With Intelligent Technology

For example, Microsoft Places has a Wayfinding feature that allows a company’s IT department to create a digital map of the office’s physical space. As a result, employees, through their gadgets, can find conference rooms. Hot desk booking lets employees see where colleagues are sitting in the office. These intelligent technologies help smooth operation between the entire staff regardless of location.

Optimizes Space And Cost

Optimizing space is primarily achieved through the app’s Space Insight feature. Space Insight provides the company with tools to track physical space usage. For larger offices, you can optimize space by reducing available floors or offices on less populated days, helping to conserve overall costs.

Intelligent booking of meeting spaces can also provide information about office spaces that will be most appropriate for various types of meetings, considering the technical requirements of both in-person and remote guests.

The Features Of Microsoft Places 

The Microsoft Places app has numerous features and tools that give companies and employees the best digital work experience, and some of these tools and features are listed below:

  • Navigation Tools

The app is helpful for hybrid workers or guests who may need physical assistance moving around the office facility. The tool will provide directions to guide people around.

  • Conference Room Reservations

Reservations can be made for conference room usage on the app.

  • Sentiment Insights

The application provides employers with advice on hybrid work system policies. This allows them to uphold the best hybrid work practices and avoid digital workplace mistakes.

  • Hot Desk Booking

The app allows employees to choose and reserve their work desks. 

  • Reservation Viewer

Employees can view the desks or rooms that have been reserved by other employees and see the spaces that are available for use.

  • Travel Schedule

Employees can easily schedule travels while the application provides insights on commuting and passing the time.

  • Dashboard View

The dashboard view displays the days all the employees will be working, and this allows one to know when their co-workers will be working in the office

  • Location Indicator

Microsoft Places provides the various physical locations of all employees, remote or in the office.

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