6 Ways to Use the New Microsoft Lists App to Improve Efficiency

6 Ways to Use the New Microsoft Lists App to Improve Efficiency

Microsoft 365 is the most popular cloud software in the world by user count. Approximately 600,000 U.S. companies rely on the platform for their daily productivity and the app has surpassed over 200 million monthly active users.

One of the reasons the platform is so popular is because Microsoft keeps adding value through features and new apps.

For example, recent additions to the platform have been thousands of free stock photos, a new grammar editor in Word, and geographical data types in Excel. Now Microsoft 365 just added a workflow efficiency app for business and enterprise plans that include SharePoint.

Microsoft Lists was rolled out in August and the app transforms the way that companies handle list-based workflows.

Most companies have more of these than they think. Lists are the basis for things like:

  • Customer service tickets
  • Project management
  • Inventory control
  • Lead generation
  • Access management
  • Business travel planning
  • And more

Some of the features of Microsoft Lists include:

  • Access via web, mobile app, or inside Microsoft Teams
  • Share and collaborate on lists with others
  • View lists in several different ways (card view, calendar view, standard view, etc.)
  • Automate notifications on list activities
  • Set lists as “favorites”
  • Add images to lists

How to Use Microsoft Lists at Your Business

Lists is designed to be easy to use by everyone on your team. Lists can be created from one of several templates, from a blank list, from another list, or from an Excel spreadsheet.

Forty percent of workers spend at least 25% of their workweek doing manual tasks.

One of the biggest benefits of using Lists is that it can replace manual spreadsheet lists that have to be emailed back and forth – very cumbersome! It can also improve how you’re able to see and work with data in list-based workflows.

Here are several ways you can use it to improve efficiency at your office.

Employee Training & Proficiency Tracking

When new employees are brought onboard, they typically go through training. Then more training and position cross-training may be provided in the future as they take on more responsibilities.

Keeping track of this on paper can be time consuming and inefficient. Instead, you can use Microsoft Lists to check off each type of training an employee has passed and have the list be instantly accessible by all supervisors in your office.

Device & Asset Log

Who was the last person to check out the projector? Is this company iPad still covered by a warranty?

These are just two of the questions that can send someone searching through files for hours trying to find an answer.

If you use Microsoft Lists to keep track of your company devices and other assets, you can streamline that entire process. Keep all pertinent data in an easy to access dynamic list, including warranty information, who is assigned the item, and the item’s photo.

Project Management

If you’re using an expensive project management application, you could save money by using Microsoft Lists instead. The interface allows you to assign people to list items and get instant notification if an activity has been completed.

You can also view your project in a calendar view by the due date of each assigned task.

Customer Issue Management

When you get customer emails about an issue with an order or service, if you’re not keeping track of those in an organized way, it’s easy for those fixes to fall between the cracks.

The issue tracking template in Microsoft Lists can give you an easy way to track the severity level, issue type, and resolution activities for customer issues.

Visitor Log with Automatic Notifications

Paper visitor logs are cumbersome and make it difficult for that information to be shared with everyone in the company that may need it. You can improve the process by making your visitor log digital and shareable using Microsoft Lists.

Lists can even allow you to attach a photo of the visitor’s I.D. to their log entry and others in your organization can receive an instant notification via email whenever a new visitor arrives at the front desk.

Order Management

New orders go through a list of activities from when a new order is placed to when that order is delivered on the doorstep of a customer. You don’t have to purchase an expensive inventory management app to track the process easily.

Set up a list workflow in Microsoft Lists that includes each step an order must go through – packing, shipping, delivery. You can track it through the process and send an instant notification to your customer service team as soon as the order is delivered so they can follow up with a courtesy call.

Learn How to Use Your Microsoft 365 Subscription to the Fullest

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