How to Use Microsoft Forms for Easy Year-End Customer Surveys

How to Use Microsoft Forms for Easy Year-End Customer Surveys

One of the activities that can help businesses improve, enhance customer experience, and foster long-term customer relationships is a year-end customer satisfaction survey.

Statistics show that 84% of companies that focus on improving customer experience see an increase in revenue as a result.

While customer surveys have a lot of benefits, they can also be time-intensive if you’re doing them manually. A manual process may involve creating a survey from scratch in a word processing app like MS Word, then emailing it out one by one to each customer. Then when the replies come in, someone has to compile all the survey results into a comprehensive report.

Did you know that there’s a simple-to-use survey tool that can make the entire process much easier, and eliminate the need to compile the results yourself?

Better yet, this is a Microsoft program that’s available to anyone with Microsoft 365 or a Microsoft account.

Microsoft Forms is one of those handy apps that not many people have discovered. It makes it easy to create cloud-based forms with just a few clicks.

This app can be used to make everything from employee training quizzes to a webinar event registration. We’re going to show you how it works below by going through the steps for creating a year-end customer survey.

Steps for Creating a Year-End Customer Satisfaction Survey in MS Forms

Login to Forms

First, you’ll want to visit and login with your Microsoft account.

This will bring you to the main dashboard page of the application.

You’ll note that you can choose to start a form from one of the ready-made templates, you can also choose “New Form” to create a form from scratch.

Using the Customer Feedback Survey Template

If you choose the “Customer Feedback Survey” template, you’ll find several questions and survey options already set up for you.

These include questions like, “How likely are you to continue doing business with us in the future?” and “How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?”

To edit any of these questions, you simply click into one, and you’ll have the ability to change text or delete the question. You can also add other questions.

The template is great to use if you need ideas for what to ask in your year-end survey.

Creating a Customer Survey from Scratch

If you’d rather start with a blank slate, you can click “New Form,” and you’ll be taken to a blank form that you can build however you like.

Add a name and description for your form, and then click the “Add new” button to begin building your form.

You’ll be able to choose from several options and can mix and match any of them.

Form section options include:

  • Choice (for multiple choice questions)
  • Text
  • Rating
  • Date
  • Ranking
  • Likert (used to gauge how much someone agrees/disagrees with a question)
  • Net Promoter Score® (likelihood to recommend something)
  • Section (to separate sections & add content)

The entire interface is designed to be very user friendly and intuitive, so even someone without much technical skill can easily put together a nice survey form.

Add Design Elements

There are a few different design elements that you can use.

You can add a background image to your form by clicking the “Theme” option at the top and choosing one of the Forms themes or uploading your own image.

You can also make your form more exciting by adding a Section and then uploading an image or video inside the form.

Idea: For a year-end customer survey, you could end the form with an image of your team or a personal thank you video from the company’s CEO.

Choose How to Send Your Form

Once your form is finished, it’s time to send it off to your customers. This can be done in several different ways.

  • Copy a link to email or send via text or messaging
  • Download a QR code that you can email to customers
  • Email customers directly from Microsoft Forms
  • Get an embed code to embed the form in a webpage
  • Send out over Twitter or Facebook

View Responses as They Come In

One of the biggest time-saving features is that you don’t have to compile all those form responses, they come in directly to the Microsoft Forms interface. Just open a form and click the “Responses” tab to see them.

If you’d like to work with the data and create a chart or graph, you can click to open the response data in an Excel sheet.

The entire process is not only easier for you, it’s easier for your customers. They can open and complete the form on a computer or mobile device. They also don’t have to remember to email a document back to you since the data is captured automatically once they fill out the survey.

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