Why is Microsoft Edge Becoming So Popular? Should I Switch from Chrome?

Why is Microsoft Edge Becoming So Popular? Should I Switch from Chrome?

Microsoft Edge, which has been at a distant fourth place in browser popularity for a while has just accomplished something big. It knocked Firefox out of the #3 spot and is now eyeing Safari.

Chrome has held the top spot among browsers, both in the U.S. and globally, for quite a few years. But it wasn’t always like that. There was a time, just a decade ago, when it was the challenger to Internet Explorer.

The current U.S. desktop browser market share as of April 2021 is:

  • Chrome: 59.31%
  • Safari: 18.33%
  • Edge: 10.98%
  • Firefox: 6.19%

Now Microsoft’s IE successor, Edge is heading up in the ranks, fresh off a new update to a Chromium-based framework put in place in 2020 (the same framework Chrome uses).

So far in 2021, Microsoft Edge has grown by 1300%.

Why should you take notice? Because when a browser is gaining the type of traction that Edge is right now, it is most likely because users are finding it better and faster than what they currently use.

Additionally, your browser can impact a large percentage of your productivity, because many business cloud solutions are accessed via an internet browser. Browser speed, ease of use, and features, like tab control are an important part of user workflow.

What’s Up With Edge That I Should Know?

Why is Edge only now becoming so popular when it’s been out for over five years? The Chromium update has a lot to do with that, along with other features the browser has that users love.

People also tend to get attached to their browser, so it takes a while of bumping into other people that use and recommend a certain browser before they consider making that big of a switch.

Here’s a rundown of some of the key things that make Edge stand out and that may make you consider giving it a try as your new default browser.

Chromium Makes It Fast & Compatible With Add-ons

When Edge first came out, it was slower than it is now and did not have a lot of developer add-ons that people could use for customization.

But with the switch to a Chromium-based architecture, all that has changed. This upgrade has added benefits, such as:

  • Made it faster and more responsive
  • Ability to use Chrome browser add-ons
  • Chromium-based features, like casting to a device

Vertical Tabs

If you hate the look of multiple tabs at the top of your window, you’ll love the vertical tabs feature in Edge.

Just click the Tabs icon at the top left-hand side of the window to instantly switch between horizontally and vertically stacked tabs.

The vertical tabs give the browser window a cleaner look, plus you have the benefit of a small icon showing for each tab, which can reduce distractions for those tabs that include animations.

3 Tracking Prevention Options

Edge has all the standard browser security that you get in other browsers, along with the addition of tracking prevention in three comprehensive options.

Remember when it used to be shocking to see an ad on social media for a website you visited an hour ago? Now remarketing is part of the online experience expectation, though that doesn’t make it any less creepy to know you’re being digitally tracked.

You can limit how you’re tracked and improve IT security by using the tracking prevention feature and choosing from Basic, Balanced, or Strict.

Bookmark Better with Collections

One of the handiest features in Edge is the Collections feature. Instead of having to deal with a string of text-based bookmarks that are nested in folders and difficult to find, you can see website images and save pages by topic easily.

At the top of the browser, just click the “+” icon to open the sidebar and access your collections of saved web pages. They’ll be easy to see by your designated topic. You can click to add a page to a specific collection for reference later.

The visibility of Collections also makes it easier to delete old pages when you no longer need them, so you don’t end up with a ton of old saved links. Another handy feature is the ability to drag Collection topics and pages to reorder them.

Immersive Reader

The Immersive Reader feature in Edge allows you to read a webpage without distractions. It creates a more simplified environment for a distraction-free web experience.

You also get to personalize your immersive experience with a few customization tools such as adjusting the text size and spacing and choosing a background and text color scheme. You can also have text read aloud.

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