What Is Microsoft Defender for Personal & Family M365 Plans?

What Is Microsoft Defender for Personal & Family M365 Plans?

Everyone connected to a personal device wants to feel safe online. Unfortunately, securing data and personal devices from home keeps becoming challenging daily. The cybersecurity space requires vigilance, and this is not only limited to government and large corporations. It also involves individuals and families. Microsoft notes that the attacks against individuals have increased drastically. It mentions that there are about 921 password attacks every second.

The attacks are no longer restricted to small businesses alone. Private individuals are not spared from the wrath of cybercriminals. Additionally, the number of devices that a typical family has continues increasing each year. 

The average number of internet-connected devices per U.S. household is 16, which is up from an average of 13 in 2021.

Whether devices are used in public places, homes, or offices, tangible solutions that can keep you away from danger must always be in place. This is the only way to keep your family, friends, and loved ones safe from online threats. 

Microsoft established Microsoft Defender for Individuals to ensure everyone is safe and secure when using online platforms. It is a security application that protects the interest of family and friends. The goal is to create a favorable atmosphere where people are not exposed to threats unnecessarily when using online platforms.

Let’s discuss Microsoft Defender M365 plans in detail.

What Is Microsoft Defender for Individuals?

Microsoft Defender is a product that offers security solutions and Windows security to individuals. It is a simplified solution that integrates several family device safeguards under one dashboard. 

Microsoft Defender is an application that applies to only Microsoft 365 subscribers that use Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. It’s a free application that has been added to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscription plans.

Defender for Individuals includes anti-phishing protection, cross-device monitoring, and much more. It helps you ensure that the devices used by your family are safe and secure. 

Many families and individuals take advantage of the online benefits to carry out their activities. However, being present online can also pose all forms of challenges and may compromise the safety of individuals. This reality has caused many to rely on numerous security products to keep them safe. Interestingly, the Microsoft Defender continually provides tips for family and friends to stay safe while using online devices.

Using numerous security products is not the best way to ensure safety from online threats, as scattered security management can cause system conflicts. 

This application came into being as a result of the responses and feedback from individuals and families that made use of Microsoft’s products. Bringing technologies and devices together is a reliable way of fostering network security solutions to curtail these numerous online threats that individuals and families are exposed to. 

According to Vasu Jakkal, the corporate Vice President for security, compliance, and identity management at Microsoft, Microsoft Defender for Individuals was developed on the Microsoft Defender Endpoint Technology. The good news is that Microsoft Defender grows with the family by providing up-to-date security information for up to five devices per person on your Microsoft 365 account.

What Are the Functions of Microsoft Defender?

Centralized Dashboard

With the use of Microsoft Defender, the family can manage the security protection for everyone by using a centralized dashboard. This creates ease and eradicates rigorous processes of maintaining separate device security solutions. 

Access Existing Antivirus

It may be challenging to ascertain if the family is protected with an active antivirus. The app can let you know if any antivirus protections already exist on family devices or if they are missing. This helps you stay on top of problems that could result in devices being infected with malware.

Instant Security Tips

Many people use online platforms without understanding whether their devices are safe. Although everyone wants to stay secure, it is erroneous to think that every online user understands the nitty-gritty of protection. But the Microsoft Defender app provides not only security tips but establishes an alert system to inform users if and how to keep their devices adequately secured. 

Are There Limitations to Using Microsoft Defender?

Microsoft Defender has some limitations as it is unavailable for all the regions. Similarly, the app’s security notifications are only available for macOS and Windows devices.

One source states that Microsoft Defender is more aimed at ensuring that individuals and families can easily see all device security in one place than it is providing additional security. 

Despite the limitations, Microsoft Defender provides helpful insights into your family’s device security, which you may not have otherwise. Also, the app is brand-new and bound to get feature upgrades in the future. 

Learn More About Defender & Microsoft 365

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