An Unmanaged Computer Can Cost $5,000/year! Learn How Managed IT Services Save You Money

An Unmanaged Computer Can Cost $5,000/year! Learn How Managed IT Services Save You Money

You may think you’re saving money by trying to handle your IT yourself, but it the end it can end up costing you much more.

This is due to multiple factors that make up the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a computer or any other device in your technology infrastructure. And it includes things like:

  • Initial purchase
  • Additional hardware added
  • Software
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Time spent troubleshooting IT issues

The initial purchase of a computer only makes up about 20% of the TCO (according to Gartner research), with maintenance and time spent with IT issues making up the bulk of your overall technology costs.

When PCs aren’t proactively managed, it can mean downtime, more breakdowns, security problems like malware infections, and a shorter lifespan for the device. That’s why the cost of each unmanaged computer is estimated at $5,000 per year.

When you compare your unmanaged PC costs, including downtime and troubleshooting time, versus the low monthly rate of a managed IT services plan, it’s an easy decision to save money by working with an IT pro.

But it definitely helps to understand all the benefits you’re getting so you can make an informed decision.

What Advantages Do I Get with a Managed Services Plan?

At Quantum PC Services, we offer a service called Quantum Care that’s designed specifically to strengthen small businesses and it includes multiple value-added features.

Technology can be a game-changer for many small businesses, leveling the playing field with cloud solutions and giving them the ability to take advantage of time and cost saving things like automation to drive growth.

Statistics show that small businesses that are digitally advanced:

  • Earned 2x more revenue per employee
  • Were nearly 3x more likely to be creating jobs over the prior year
  • Had revenue growth year over year of nearly 4x higher

Having your technology running efficiently isn’t just convenient, it can accelerate your growth and help your business expand faster.

When you sign up for a Quantum Care managed IT services plan, here are some of the ways it can reduce your overall IT costs and help boost your growth.

Improves Your Cybersecurity

The FBI put out a warning in October 2019 about “High-Impact” ransomware attacks threatening U.S. businesses, and that’s just one of the many threats today’s small businesses face when it comes to data security.

One data breach can devastate a small business and many of them end up never recovering.

You can gain peace of mind and prevent costly downtime when it comes to online threats by using managed IT services. They include protections like patch and update management for your devices as well as managed antivirus that monitors your machine continuously and removes any threats as they arise and before they can impact your data.

Reduces Downtime

Technology downtime can cost your business as much as $10,000 each hour. When devices aren’t properly managed you can run into hard drive failures, and other problems that mean costly troubleshooting and repair.

Managed services for your PC is like proper maintenance for your vehicle. If you go without it, sooner or later, you’re going to run into serious problems and breakdowns.

Our Quantum Care application is a lightweight tool that monitors your computer’s health and sends an alert if there are any signs of potential problems. By maintaining your PCs proactively, we can reduce the risk of downtime considerably and improve equipment lifespan.

Strategic IT Planning Meetings

Technology can be a big boon for your business, but only if it’s matched properly to your business objectives. That comes through regular strategy sessions to evaluate your software and processes and work on continuous improvements.

Our Quantum Care Pro plan includes these important monthly strategy meetings to ensure your company is always utilizing your technology to the fullest and that it’s properly aligned with your business goals. We also make you aware of the newest technologies being released so you can stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Focus on Your Business – We Have Your Back!

If your employees are spending just 20 minutes a day struggling with computer problems, that’s over 6 ½ hours per month per employee in lost productivity.

Instead of having to stop what you’re doing to deal with a dropped Wi-Fi connection or a computer that’s acting strange, you have a pro you can call to handle all your IT issues, so you and your team can focus on building your business.

Though our remote support we can assist your team in minutes to take care of tech issues they may be having with their PC so they can get back to their day

Find the Quantum Care Plan That’s a Perfect Fit

We offer three different Quantum Care plans to fit any company’s needs. Whether you need a little help or a lot, we’ve got you covered with cost-saving managed IT services.

Contact us today to sign up and start lowering your IT costs. Call 920-256-1214 or reach us online.