Full Rundown of the Latest Upgrades to Microsoft 365

Full Rundown of the Latest Upgrades to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is one of the biggest cloud platforms in the world and is used by millions of companies. It’s flexible enough for small businesses and large enterprises. Over 730,000 companies in the U.S. alone use this cloud service and its wide range of cloud productivity tools.

Many companies have had to rely on cloud services heavily during the pandemic to enable remote teams. This is an area that M365 is designed for, with the integration of the popular Office applications along with online communication tool Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, and many more.

In fact, there are so many tools within Microsoft 365 that sometimes companies don’t realize when significant new features have been added to boost productivity and save time. For example, one of the great additions from a little over a year ago was Presenter Coach in PowerPoint, which gives you an automated boost to sharpen presentation skills.

This fall, Microsoft rolled out some significant updates to the M365 platform. We’ve got a full list below and will be happy to discuss these in more detail with you and your team anytime!

Live Transcripts in Teams With More Languages

Trying to capture all the “to-dos” from a video meeting can mean spending hours reviewing the recording of a video call just to pull out information. Microsoft has a big time-saver in Teams for this type of task, which is Live Transcripts.

Live Transcripts automatically transcribes the meeting conversation in real-time. It can detect which person is speaking and indicate which text matches which speaker.

Having a meeting transcript can save you a lot of time if you need to review any specific areas of a meeting because you won’t have to watch the whole meeting video to find what you need.

It’s also great if you have people from different countries participating or those that may have hearing issues. It can translate the transcript into multiple languages, and over 20 more have just been added.

Live Transcripts in Microsoft Teams

Real-Time Captioning in Teams With More Languages

Another helpful tool just added to Teams that is similar to Live Transcript is real-time captioning for meetings. You can turn this on to have captions appear as each person is speaking.

You can now get captions for 27 more languages, including German, Hindi, and Japanese. This feature helps smaller businesses expand sales internationally by helping to bridge the language gap.

Co-Authoring Enabled for Encrypted Documents

If your organization uses sensitivity labels to encrypt documents, you can now co-author those documents in the M365 desktop apps and have them keep their protections. So, wherever your documents travel, in your desktop apps or across the web, your protections will stay consistent. You can also work in your documents how you like for a more cohesive workflow.

Viva Topics Now Syncs Teams & Yammer Information

Viva Topics is an add-on to Teams that brings in contextual links and connects them to pages of topic information from your collective company knowledge base. This previously only included the Teams app, but now includes Yammer as well.

Visio for the Web Offers Customizable Colors & a Larger Pallet

If you’ve been enjoying the free edition of Visio for the web in M365 for business, then you’re going to be happy with a recent update that gives you more opportunity to make your diagrams look the way you like.

Two upgrades were added:

  • An expanded color pallet
  • The ability to use custom colors 

New Operating System Readiness Added to Endpoint Manager

One of the challenges in any organization is keeping all your devices updated to the latest operating system. When you have devices on various PC or mobile operating system versions, you can leave your organization at higher risk of a cyberattack. It also becomes more difficult to ensure everyone is using the same work tools because a difference in version can change the features someone has access to.

One of the new capabilities that have been added to Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a capability that helps you detect which operating system version a device is using. This update helps organizations easily scan all their endpoints, both mobile and computers, to take stock of the upgrade situation.

This expanded analytics capability will provide remediation steps to upgrade devices to the latest version of whatever operating system they are using.

Another benefit is that this capability is designed to be ready to detect on launch day for iOS 15 and macOS 12 upgrades.

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Microsoft 365?

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