Telltale Signs That You’ve Kept Your Computer Too Long!

Telltale Signs That You've Kept Your Computer Too Long!

You’re working away on your computer as usual, and then suddenly it crashes. You try to reboot, but you’re getting nothing but a black screen. It’s an older model well past the standard 3 to 5-year PC lifespan, but everything still worked “okay,” so you just kept on using it.

Unfortunately, this type of scenario happens often throughout the Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin area and the rest of the country.

It’s not unusual for people to want to hang on to a PC as long as possible, both because they’re comfortable with it and to avoid the cost of a new one.

But if you hold onto that computer for too long, it can mean unexpected crashes and the risk of losing everything on your hard drive. While getting regular computer tune-ups is a good idea, they can only do so much if it’s time to put your PC out to pasture.

In year two of a computer’s life, the average hard drive failure rate is 1.4%, by year four, that rate jumps to 11.8%.

Do you have a few more years left to use your PC or is it time to replace it before it’s too late? How to you know?

We’ll go over the warning signs you need to watch for that indicate it’s time to replace your computer.

Warning Signs That You Need to Buy a New Computer

When that hard drive crashes on an older PC, it’s rarely as “out of the blue” as people think. There are warning signs that often crop up and go ignored before a major crash happens.

Is your PC rounding the bend on 5-6+ years of age? Take a look at the following telltale signs to see if it’s time to start looking for a new one.

Slow Downs That Tune-Ups Don’t Help

It’s not unusual for computers to get slower as they’re used and as they age. But if the normal tune-ups you’ve done in the past aren’t helping anymore, there’s a chance that your PC is just too outdated and needs to be replaced.

It’s Getting Louder

When fans or other computer parts are getting ready to fail, they’ll often start making loud sounds when your computer is in use. Those sounds are a warning alert that you need to call a computer repair pro and potentially get your PC replaced altogether if it’s an older model.

You’re Not Able to Upgrade the Operating System

If you can’t upgrade to the newest operating system (Windows or Mac) that’s a big red flag that your device is outdated. This is especially true if the current operating system that you’re using is no longer supported with security updates, leaving you completely vulnerable to hackers.

If you’re on a computer running Windows 7 that can’t upgrade to Windows 10, run, don’t walk, to a computer store! That OS lost vital security update support on January 14, 2020.

You Can’t Upgrade Your Software

Mac just dropped a new version of Pages and Numbers… Nice! But wait, you’re getting a warning that your system isn’t compatible, and it won’t allow you to upgrade.

This can be a real issue, especially if you share files back and forth with people that can upgrade, and you have to ask them to save to the older file format just so you can open them.

If you can’t upgrade your software, your PC is telling you that it’s time to retire it.

Repair Bills Are Adding Up

Don’t get us wrong, we love to see you, but if you’re about to ask for a reserved parking space because you have to bring your PC in for repair all the time, that’s a telltale sign that it’s time to retire it and save money by getting a new one or having a custom build designed for you.

You Get Sudden Reboots

When a computer is having problems, one big red flag that the hard drive may crash soon is when you get reboots out of the blue. These are often accompanied by a mysterious alert that just says something like, “Your computer restarted due to a problem.”

If these keep recurring, you’ll want to consider replacing your older PC.

You’re Out of Upgrade Options

One thing that can help with system performance and enhance a computer is to upgrade its parts. Memory or SSD (solid-state drive) upgrades can speed up a computer’s performance significantly, and a graphics card upgrade can help you get better play on that new game that just came out.

But, if you find yourself out of upgrade options, either because newer parts aren’t compatible with your system or you’ve done all you can, then it may be time to buy a new PC. Due to technology becoming cheaper all the time, you’ll likely you’ll get more features for less cost than when you bought a system the last time.

Get a Custom Build and Get the Exact Computer You Want!

If it’s time to buy a new computer, before you go to a “big box” store come to Quantum PC and let’s discuss a custom build. Custom built computers can be designed to do exactly what you need and are often less expensive, last longer, and more upgradable than off-the-shelf systems.

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