Roadmap to Improve Your Endpoint Security

Roadmap to Improve Your Endpoint Security

No matter how much a business secures its security network and data, they are still vulnerable because cybercriminals are becoming increasingly advanced in their method of attacks. As a result, the only solution is to keep improving the cyber security plan on your network, and one of the network solutions to improve its security level is the Endpoints. 

Advanced endpoint security is essential because endpoints have traditionally been the scene of cyberwar battles. As a result, it is essential that your company, either big or small, have an effective endpoint security setup.

The Necessity to Improve Endpoint Security

Endpoints are a prime target for cyberattacks since they are the entry point to your whole network and all corporate data. Many attackers have aimed their harpoons at this new, top target since breaking into an endpoint is so much simpler than attacking a network server or website that is closely watched.

Any device that has access to your company’s network resources or other sensitive data is a potential target for hackers. These devices include laptops, mobile phones/ tablets, desktops, and more.

Here’s an illustration: Hackers can get a foot in the door and gradually make their way into your system by using an outdated computer with outdated software or an email account that has been spear phished.

According to IDC, up to 70% of all successful network breaches originate from endpoints. Improving your endpoint security helps keep up with the volume and speed of emerging threats.

Adopting an Endpoint Strategy to Improve Your Endpoint Security

The issues with organizations’ current endpoint security solutions include 49% of inadequate defense against new attacks, 43% of the high complexity of deployment and operation, and 27% of poor user experience.

Thousands of endpoints in your infrastructure are vulnerable to malware and performance degradation attacks. Adopting a plan to strengthen your endpoint security is crucial because one damaged endpoint can bring serious harm to your firm, such as financial loss or downtime. But not many organizations are taking a holistic approach to secure their endpoints.

Roadmap to Improve Your Endpoint Security

From protection-only to protection, detection, and response, the endpoint protection market is fast evolving.

The trademarks of a competent endpoint security program include good operations practices like configuration vulnerability and patch management; however, less mature enterprises lack the resources to upgrade their processes and must find immediate substitutes.

Here are guidelines to improve your endpoint security

Identify all endpoints

The first step towards improving your endpoint security is identifying, assessing, and cataloging all endpoints that reside in your business. This can be challenging because many organizations allow employees to bring their devices to work. IoT devices are also gateway points for hackers.

Work with your staff and network administrators to identify and categorize each endpoint connected to your company’s network or data. Once you have this information, you can prioritize the riskiest and most delicate endpoints and restrict network access to only authorized devices.

Failing to secure these devices can cause gaps in your endpoint security.

Implement Endpoint Maintenance Process

If your company’s endpoint security is less mature, implement an endpoint maintenance process and select solutions that offer cloud delivery and managed services. In contrast, if your company’s endpoint security is fairly mature, invest in improving endpoint security configuration standards and endpoint maintenance processes, and shift from protection-only to a detection and response mindset.

Enforce Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

The use of mobile devices by employees is a reality that is here to stay; thus, it’s critical to implement the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy. The degree of support that an IT department can offer for computers, smartphones, and tablets held by employees of a company is governed by this policy.

If your business handles sensitive data, give your staff laptops or cellphones with message encryption features and restricted and permitted apps to increase endpoint security.

Eliminate Threats with Network Detection and Response (NDR) Software

Even the most robust firewalls can occasionally be defeated by sophisticated malware. To recognize threats and track them down, use NDR (network detection and response) software. With this software, businesses can better understand how the attack occurred and strengthen their defenses through a totally open method.

Use Endpoint Monitoring 

Only half of the equation involves monitoring user activity and behaviors. Each endpoint has unique behaviors that could be directly or remotely abused by hackers. As a result, it is essential to define baseline actions for the endpoints themselves.

Your security team can track, gather, and examine your endpoint behavior via endpoint monitoring. It creates baseline behaviors so that it can assess whether it behaves inappropriately and can quickly notify your security team to look into it.

Use security information and event management tools

The development of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions is a significant aspect of IT security. These monitor the entire network and gather metrics and data on any suspicious activity for large corporations or data-intensive businesses.

To identify and prevent security breaches and lessen the impact of any intrusion or assault, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools help automate operations and make sense of the enormous amounts of complicated reporting data.

Adhere to the Principle of Least Privilege

Adopting the least privilege principle is one of the greatest methods to improve your endpoint security.

The concept of this principle entails that subjects are only granted the privileges necessary to carry out a duty or task. What this means is that users wouldn’t be able to access services that aren’t necessary for their regular tasks.

By adhering to the least privilege principle, your IT assets will be less vulnerable to internal threats. In essence, a device will be less likely to be compromised with fewer personnel that have administrator access.

Endpoint Security: A Must for Your Businesses

Applying the above strategies to improve endpoint security goes a long way in securing your devices and company’s sensitive data. Quantum Technologies is here to help improve your endpoint security.

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