The Importance of a Great Website to Grow Your Business

The Importance of a Great Website to Grow Your BusinessHave you ever been looking up a company online and did a double take at their website, thinking it looked like it was made in the 1990’s? It probably made you think twice about doing business with them if their online calling card didn’t make a great impression.

No matter what type of business you have, your website is usually the first impression people have of you. Checking out a company’s website before deciding to buy products or services from them has become second nature to nearly everyone.

Here at Quantum PC Services, we’ve helped many companies in Sturgeon Bay, WI and beyond put their best foot forward online with stunning websites that not only make them look great but help them drive leads and sales too!

It’s our goal to provide great local web services that provide multiple tools to help grow your business.

35% of businesses think they are too small for a website. (Inc.)

No business is too small for a website. Multiple companies have used websites to launch a business that was initially home-based and saw their sales take off thanks to the power of the internet.

That same business survey in Inc. magazine also found that 83% of companies with websites said they gave them a big competitive edge over businesses without one.

So how can you grow your business with website solutions from Quantum PC Services? Let’s find out!

How Can a Great Website Make a Big Difference in Your Growth?

You don’t usually show up to your client’s place in dirty jeans and a wrinkled t-shirt, instead you may wear a suit, dress shirt, or a pressed company polo shirt. That’s because you want to make a good impression, so they’ll trust you with their business.

Having a professional website that gives that same great impression can make a world of difference and expand your business past Sturgeon Bay to other corners of the world.

Professional Emails

Are you still using a gmail or yahoo address for your company emails? People will take your business more seriously and have a more favorable impression if you have a domain-based email.

Once you choose your perfect domain (like: it’s easy to have emails set up for you and your employees based upon that domain and website address. This not only makes your company look more professional, it also allows you to add new employee emails and have better security and control of your email communications.

Lower Cost Advertising

If you’re advertising through print, radio, or television, you might find you can get a substantial savings by utilizing both search engine optimization and Google Adwords advertising that lands people on your website to contact you.

With a professional web design team, like Quantum PC Services, you have great landing pages set up that are designed specifically to drive leads to your business with engaging photos or videos. You may be surprised just how much you can save per lead and how effective online advertising is.

Time Saving Advantages

How many times do you have to email or mail out a brochure to a new prospect? Do you have customers that call because they need a copy of your services or product sheets? If you have all that available for download as a PDF, you can get the information in their hands faster and save time.

And you won’t have to worry about not knowing who is downloading your brochure, it’s easy to add a short form that captures their name and email before they download and sends you a new lead notification.

Being Found by Customers

Most people will start their search for a product or service online first because of the convenience. If you’re not there or don’t have a good website, then they may go with one of your competitors instead.

You want to be front and center when someone is searching for what your company offers so they come to you first.

Why It’s Important to Have Your Website Hosted & Designed by a Pro

You might be tempted to just use one of those drag and drop builders with a cheap hosting plan you found on a search, and your website might come out looking okay to you. But do you want a cookie-cutter site that looks like everyone else’s or one that stands out? If you go with a cheap service, you might also find you end up running short on bandwidth or have pages that load really slow.

Here are some of the reasons to use an affordable pro for your website design and hosting:

  • Personalized Design for your Business
  • Mobile Compatibility (site looks good on smartphones and computers)
  • Fast-loading Webpages
  • Increase Search Engine Visibility
  • Reliable Uptime
  • Assistance with Email Setup
  • Less Hassle for You

Looking for Affordable and Professional Website Hosting & Design?

Our team at Quantum PC Services offers a full range of domain, hosting, and website design solutions. And all of them are affordably priced with growing small businesses in mind.

Give us a call today at 920-256-1214 or contact us online to take that first step toward an awesome online presence.