Importance of NEC and BICSI methods and standards

Importance of NEC and BICSI methods and standards

We use computer networks every day to connect to servers, other computers, and peripherals like printers and security cameras. But we often don’t realize the detail that goes into setting up a complex network of structured data cabling for both wired and wireless connections.

Quantum PC works with companies every day to design, install, and certify that their network setup is performed according to industry safety protocols and standards. Our team knows the NEC and BICSI methods and standards by heart and we follow them religiously.

But why are they important?

The quick answer is: Safety, clarity of connection, and to prevent costly problems in the future.

Whether you’re having a telephone system cabled or a full structured data cabling to connect all your technology from the network rack server to an end device in the field, it should be designed and implemented correctly. That means according to the NEC and BICSI protocols to ensure safety and so your organization doesn’t run the risk of code violations or worse.

Network setups and the difference in cable types can be complicated, so we thought we’d provide a quick and easy primer for you below on the importance of NEC and BICSI standard when it comes to your office phone and computer network.

What is the National Electrical Code (NEC)?

Did you know that if PVC cable jacketing is used in air handling spaces it can cause toxins to be released into the air if there is a fire? That’s why you’ll see this addressed in local codes for network setup and cable layout and installers that follow the code, like Quantum PC, know to avoid PVC in that area for employee and fire fighter safety.

In fact, the NEC, also known as NFPA 70, is a part of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) series of codes. It’s a U.S. national standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment. It addresses safety concerns like that with the PVC jacketing, along with things like proper grounding, and protection from electrical hazards when cables are installed.

What are BICSI Standards?

BICSI stands for the Building Industry Consulting Service International, Inc. It was started in 1974 as computers and telecommunication were growing and it became evident that methods and standards needed to be in place to ensure consistent service and safety.

Have you ever had a new phone system set up only to have issues with static or garbled calls? It’s possible the telecom cable was improperly installed in parallel with electrical cables. This is just one of the things that Quantum PC’s expert installation team knows to avoid by following the BICSI and NEC standards.

The BICSI set of standards are just as important as the NEC for proper installation of everything and anything related to connecting computer ports, phone outlets, voice over IP connections, access point wiring, extension phone system installs, security camera wiring, data center cabling, network room build outs, phone block termination, computer networks, and more.

Problems that Bad Network Setups Can Cause

Whether you’re growing and need to add a new server and structured data cabling to a new floor or replacing a phone system that’s outdated, you want to make sure it’s done by professionals that stand behind their work.

Quantum PC technicians are a cut above the rest and we guarantee all our work! We’ll save you from these horror stories that can happen with a bad cable installation.

  • Slow Network and Internet Connections
  • A Network that Can’t Accommodate Growth
  • Burn or Shock Risks to Employees
  • Paying More Than You Should When Dual Cables Can Be Used for Voice/Data
  • Garbled or Noisy Phone Lines
  • Dropped Connections and Data Loss
  • Risk of Fines for Code Violations

Don’t Risk It! Call Quantum PC for a Safe and Code Compliant Network and Cable Install

We do network design and setup in our sleep! Okay, we’re actually very awake, but we do know every NEC and BICSI standard on the books by heart and have technicians with years of top experience in proper design and installation of code compliant networks.

Do you have an existing network and aren’t sure if it’s code compliant and safe? We can do a thorough evaluation and tell you if anything needs to be done to bring it up to code.

At Quantum PC, we design, install, test (and re-test), and certify any and all permanent link copper cabling from the network rack to the field end location. This basically means from point A to point Z and everywhere in between.

We connect your world, safely, securely and efficiently. This includes all devices that need to communicate with each other, such as computers, laptops, security cameras, telephone systems, printers, drones, servers, data centers, and that new gadget you just got that does something cool.

Give us a call today for an evaluation of your current network setup or to plan a new one. Our team of professionals is on standby to help you connect safely.