Hotel and Vacation Rental Wi-fi Systems

Hotel and Vacation Rental Wi-fi Systems

If you’re the owner of a hotel or vacation rental property, it’s more than likely that you’ve thought about installing and maintaining a WiFi system on the premises for guest usage. These days, internet access is essential and travelers view it as an expected complimentary service. Industry studies have already confirmed that lack of WiFi access is a top complaint of guests, with 51% of respondents citing the lack of free WiFi as a major issue when staying away from home.

So, I Just Need A Wireless Router, Right?

Although you can opt to tackle a guest network installation yourself, there are plenty of reasons why that’s not a great idea. First and foremost, building a proper wireless network isn’t a plug-and-play operation. To do it right, you’d need the equipment to perform a site survey to check for sources of interference and decide on the correct placement of access points. Depending on the size of your property, you may require more than a single access point to provide stable access to all of your guests.

Assuring Adequate Bandwidth

Providing a stable wireless signal is only one part of a successful guest network. Once your guests connect, you’ll then face the problem of making sure that your internet connection, data cabling, and routing hardware are robust enough to handle the potential traffic. Nothing is more frustrating to a user than to have their device connect successfully to an access point, but still be unable to access the internet. This is also a problem that your staff will have to contend with, as guests complain when the system isn’t working well. Setting up the correct backend equipment will make sure that everyone enjoys smooth sailing on your guest WiFi network at all times.

Security is Your Responsibility

Just like you’ve provided locks on the doors at your property, your guests expect that the information that they transmit over your WiFi System will be secure and protected from prying eyes. Even if you offer a disclaimer for the use of internet services by guests, they will still hold you responsible if your network turns out to be insecure. With the number of high-profile cybersecurity incidents in recent years, internet security is very much on the minds of the general public, and having a breach at your property could cause irreparable harm to its’ reputation as a great place to stay.

Guest WiFi Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Despite all of the potential pitfalls of deploying a guest WiFi system at your rental or vacation property, it’s a necessary service that is well within reach, no matter the size of the location. If you’re looking to deploy a Wifi system at your property, Quantum PC is ready to help. We have the expertise and tools needed to plan, implement, and secure your guest WiFi system to keep it running trouble-free. Let us do all of the legwork to let you know exactly what it will take to put together a hassle-free, reliable system that your guests will love. They’ll be sure to thank you for it.

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