6 Helpful Technology Upgrades to Make Before the End of the Year

6 Helpful Technology Upgrades to Make Before the End of the Year

We’re heading towards the end of the year, and it will be time to file your 2021 taxes before you know it. Whether you’re a small business or a freelancer, anything you can do to reduce your tax burden come tax time is helpful.

That’s why now is a great time to make any technology purchases that you may have been considering to improve your business IT environment. Any buys you make by December 31st can be used for business tax deductions.

Section 179 of the tax code notes several types of qualifying technology purchases, some of which can also be used for a bonus 100% depreciation credit. Some of the technology that qualifies as a deduction includes:

  • Computers, servers, and other hardware
  • Software (out of the box)
  • Used hardware (as long as it’s new to you)
  • Communications equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Security systems

Following are some of the most popular technology upgrades that businesses in Sturgeon Bay and elsewhere are making to improve their company’s digital infrastructure. 

Digital Door Access Locks

Are you still dealing with physical keys? Having to make copies for employees? Occasionally needing to have locks rekeyed when someone quits?

A more optimized process is to use digital door access locks instead. This technology upgrade makes it easier to keep track of who has access to your building, and locks never need to be rekeyed. You also get a complete log of who has accessed which door and at what time.

Remote Team Devices

Eighty percent of surveyed employers plan to allow employees to continue working from home part or full time once the pandemic passes. With this new adjustment in the working environment comes a need to fully equip your remote team with the same IT resources they have at the office.

This may mean purchasing:

  • Computers/laptops
  • Printers
  • Headsets
  • VoIP desk phone
  • And other office equipment

Audio/Visual Upgrades

Another legacy of the pandemic is that video meetings have become the norm. Are yours helping your communications or holding them back?

Dropped calls, poor sound quality, and shoddy visuals don’t allow your team to interact very well with others or amongst themselves. Investing in audio/visual upgrades can make a big difference to your staff and help your company make a better visual impression with clients.

If you’re a freelancer that often meets with prospective clients online, then making a good first impression can mean having a better chance at securing a new project.

IP Security Cameras

IP security cameras offer another technology deduction option and can also potentially reduce your property insurance premiums.

The cloud has made having a security system affordable for individuals and small businesses. There are many different types of security cameras and systems you can try, from a single two-way intercom doorbell camera to a full indoor and outdoor camera setup.

Either will help you feel more secure and give you the ease of keeping an eye on things from the convenience of your smartphone.

New Windows 11 PCs

Windows 11 just launched and is currently rolling out between now and mid-2022. If you have an older computer that doesn’t meet the upgrade requirements, you may want to replace it now rather than later with a new Windows 11 PC.

This version of the operating system is focused on helping users do daily tasks in less time, including connecting with others via text, audio, or video right from the desktop.

Windows 11 computers are already available for purchase, and buying one before year-end can allow you to get some of the cash outlay back when you file taxes in a few months.

Network Upgrades

Your Wi-Fi network is something that can impact everything that you do. A slow internet connection means lower productivity, as well as complaints from your employees about connection issues.

There are two key upgrades to consider, and both can mean faster speeds, more secure network connections, and better multi-device handling. 

If you’d like a faster and more reliable network, consider upgrading to:

  1. Mesh Network: This includes multiple units that deliver a strong signal throughout your property. Mesh is also an affordable way to extend your internet signal reach and eliminate “dead zones.”
  2. Wi-Fi 6: When upgrading to a mesh network or another router, make sure you get a Wi-Fi 6 standard router. This standard includes several upgrades, including security, network congestion, and signal speed.

Need Help Upgrading Your Technology?

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