Extend Your Wi-Fi Wherever You Want with a Fixed Wireless Bridge

Extend Your Wi-Fi Wherever You Want with a Fixed Wireless BridgeHave you ever had an area of your home or business property where your Wi-Fi just couldn’t reach? You may have put a loft in a detached garage or added a maintenance building outside your main office where your standard Wi-Fi signal is just out of reach, leaving you with an “internet dead zone.”

How do you affordably extend that signal and keep its bandwidth at the same time?

Fixed wireless bridges are a popular way to extend a Wi-Fi network to another building or hard to reach area. They’re commonly seen in AirBNB rentals and multi-building properties.

Quantum PC Services provides full network setup services to residential and business customers in Sturgeon Bay, WI and beyond, which includes extending a wireless internet connection to other areas of a property.

What is a fixed wireless connection and how can it help it extend your Wi-Fi signal? We’ll go over some case studies in this article and also give you the basics of how fixed wireless radios and wireless bridges work.

What is a Fixed Wireless Connection?

A fixed wireless connection means that instead of getting a broadband internet connection from cabling coming into a building, it’s coming through a wireless device, or “radio,” that is mounted in a fixed location, such as a roof, wall, or in some cases a free-standing antenna.

This “wireless bridge” picks up the main Wi-Fi signal coming from the router attached directly to the cable or DSL wiring and extends it through the wireless bridge to another building or area.

Fixed wireless broadband is expected to grow 30% in 2018 (RCR Wireless News)

Fixed wireless broadband is being used to connect multiple homes or buildings to the internet without needing to set up a cabled internet connection in each one. Quantum PC Services brings this innovative technology into homes and offices in the Sturgeon Bay area every day to help our clients reduce costs and increase connectivity.

Benefits of a Fixed Wireless Bridge Network Setup:

  • Extends Wi-Fi Reach
  • Reduces Costs
  • You Don’t Have to Install a New Cable/DSL Connection
  • Wireless Bridges are Less Prone to Interference than Wi-Fi Routers

Wireless Bridge Case Studies

If you’d like to hear some of our local case studies from customers who’ve used fixed wireless radios to bridge their internet connection to another building, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to share those with you.

Here are a few case studies from around the web to give you an idea of the advantages of using this method to extend your wireless internet signal.

Fire Stations Stay Connected

A local non-profit municipal fire department in New Mexico had 75 firefighters working out of six different buildings. Due the rural nature of the area, the firefighters were limited to 2-way hand held communication, which limited their ability to respond in the event of a dangerous situation.

The station used a wireless bridge technology to provide seamless connectivity to the stations through point-to-point and point-to-multi-point wireless area network connections.

Manufacturer Extends to New Building

A manufacturer of water filtration systems expanded their business by adding a second building to their administrative office, design/engineering, and manufacturing facility. Prior to adding the building, everyone was able to communicate easily and was on the same page, but that was not true after the new addition.

Adding a wireless bridge to extend their network services to the new building saved them money and kept them from having to install redundant services. It helped them stay on the same page technologically in many areas including:

  • Phone systems
  • Security systems
  • IT systems

Effective Extension from House to Barn

A homeowner had a converted barn across the street that accommodated guests and they wanted to add Wi-Fi availability. They didn’t want to go through the expense of installing a separate line or router or to try to dig up the ground and run a cable across the road. They tried a Wi-Fi extender, but the distance was just too far for a good signal (about 82 feet).

A fixed wireless bridge was the perfect solution for them to extend the Wi-Fi signal from their main house to the bran across the way and not have to worry about it losing signal strength due to trees or other landscape. The connection worked perfectly across the distance.

Looking to Extend Your Wi-Fi Network Affordably?

Do you have any “internet dead” zones on your business property? Have you tried a Wi-Fi signal extender unsuccessfully to reach an outside area or garage? Let Quantum PC Services help you!

We’ll make sure you’re connected to your world… safety and securely!

Our expert network setup team can use fixed wireless radio connections to bridge the gap and transmit a strong internet signal across long distances to another building or area on your property.

Learn more about extending your Wi-Fi capability by calling us at 920-256-1214 or contacting us online.