Enable More Dynamic Collaboration with AV Powered Huddle Rooms & Zoom Rooms

Enable More Dynamic Collaboration with AV Powered Huddle Rooms & Zoom Rooms

A big advantage that cloud connectivity has brought to offices is the ability to work collaboratively from anywhere and meet face-to-face through video conferencing with people from all over the world.

This network connectivity has freed small businesses to expand their client base beyond their geographical area and take advantage of a deeper pool of talent by using remote workers.

Working remotely has exploded in the past few years. Currently about 66% of U.S. companies allow remote work and 16% of companies are fully remote.

Whether companies have workers working from a different location part of the time or all the time, there are multiple benefits, including:

  • Lower operational costs for employers
  • Higher employee productivity (equal to a full day’s work each week)
  • Improved employee retention
  • Increased talent pool
  • Fewer sick days and time off taken

But the key to tapping into the potential to collaborate with customers and employees remotely is using technology that can make it feel as if you’re sitting at the same table and connect you in fluid and dynamic ways.

This is what the Huddle Room and Zoom Room is all about.

What’s the Difference Between a Huddle Room and Zoom Room?

The huddle room got its name from the huddle that football players usually do before a play. It’s designed to be an intimate setting for approximately 1-5 people that will foster spontaneous collaboration through use of video conferencing technology.

A Zoom room refers to nearly the same thing. Its name comes from the popular video conferencing software Zoom. Just like a huddle room, it’s a special room (or space) that is set up to enable easy and spontaneous group video conferencing. Only it isn’t specifically relegated to small groups. A Zoom room can refer to any size AV conferencing room.

Both types of group conferencing rooms will contain some of the following core essentials:

  • Video camera
  • Speaker and microphone
  • Video conferencing app (like Zoom or Skype) set up on a computer
  • Large HDMI screen display
  • Table/chairs

Why Set up Specific Video Conferencing Spaces?

If you’ve been doing video conferencing from your desk, you may be wondering what the benefit is of setting up a specific space just for video conferencing.

Here are several reasons it makes sense to set up a huddle room or Zoom room at your office to facilitate collaboration with your remote clients and employees.

Fewer Interruptions

Many offices have open floor plans, which means your “intimate” brainstorming meeting is being overhead by anyone else in the room and participants can see people that may be in view walking behind you.

There are no interruptions when you’re in a designated video space because rather than someone walking into your office because they don’t know you’re on Skype or your phone ringing, you’ll be in a dedicated meeting area. This allows for a much more productive meetup.

Equipment is Ready to Go

How many times have you or your colleagues had issues trying to get a meeting software to pull up when it was time for a video conference?

Instead of worrying about getting your computer set up ahead of time, you can simply use a huddle room or Zoom room where everything is kept ready to go for fast, trouble-free connections.

Simple to Set Up in Any Size Space

The great thing about a huddle room is that it’s designed for a small setting so participants can get the experience of sitting across a table from each other.

This means you don’t have to dedicate an entire room to a huddle space. Many companies set up kiosk type areas for multiple huddle rooms that offer all the benefits if a dedicated group conferencing space without large size requirements.

Participants Get a More Real Experience

Using your computer or laptop to video conference doesn’t have the same “in the room” feeling as large screen TVs, high-quality speakers, and wide-angle cameras.

With a Zoom room setup, you can create a more realistic atmosphere that will foster better collaborations and make remote workers feel more included.

Meet Spontaneously

Say you’re having a call with a colleague, you start brainstorming an innovative marketing campaign and want to go on video for a more engaging session.

One problem with large conference rooms is that space is typically limited, and they have to be booked days or weeks in advance. This makes it impossible to meet “on the fly.”

Huddle rooms are small spaces, thus companies can typically create several of them so they can be used without needing a reservation, allowing you to take your brainstorming face-to-face whenever you like.

Look More Professional

If you can’t afford a large tricked-out conference room, when you video conference with a client, your open floor office might not put your company in its best light.

Zoom rooms and huddle rooms can be easily created from small spaces for much less cost than setting up a large conference room and can give a professional look to your company when you’re meeting with clients by video conference.

Interested in Setting Up Your Own Huddle Room?

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