Having Problems With Warped Device Cases? It Could Be a Dangerous Bulging Battery!

Having Problems With Warped Device Cases? It Could Be a Dangerous Bulging Battery!

Laptops and mobile devices tend to get carried around, bumped, jostled, and sometimes dropped. So, when you see an edge of the case beginning to warp or slightly come apart, you might think it’s just happening because of some rough handling.

You may tell yourself that you’ll bring your device in for a case or screen repair “when you have time.” But if the device doesn’t look quite symmetrical, it could be another reason besides wear and tear, and not addressing this could lead to a dangerous situation.

Laptops and mobile devices use lithium-ion batteries. They’re designed to store several hours of charge to keep devices running when not directly connected to power. However, these lithium-ion batteries can also suffer from gas buildup if they’re exposed to certain conditions. When that happens, the battery can bulge and get larger.

Even a small amount of gas expelled from the battery and trapped in the sealed chamber can cause this bulging problem. Since the device case is designed to house the battery at its normal size, when it bulges, it can cause warping, separating, or cracking of the device casing.

Is Bulging Battery Dangerous?

When your device’s lithium-ion battery begins to bulge it can be dangerous. The gas buildup can cause the battery to explode, sending device pieces flying. 

This could also cause the expulsion of dangerous gas that could be breathed in, especially if you’re using the device at the time it happens. If the battery explodes, it can also ignite and cause a fire.

Signs of Lithium-Ion Battery Gas Buildup

Touchpad or Keypad Lifting

If the touchpad or keypad of your device seems to be lifting, this could be because a swollen battery has warped the area beneath it.

Seams of Device Coming Apart 

It’s easy to overlook a cheap laptop casing that might come apart at the seams. You might just think it wasn’t made very well, but not realize that it’s due to a bulging battery.

Expanding batteries often cause damage to the device housing because it can’t expand to accommodate the larger battery size.

Warped Screen

If your screen looks slightly warped, it might not be your eyes, but rather a problem with gas buildup in your battery.

Device Rocks When On a Flat Surface

Does your phone rock slightly when placed on a flat surface? This is another sign that the battery may be bulging out.

How Can You Avoid a Bulging Device Battery?

Keep Your Device Away from Excessive Heat

Lithium-ion batteries do not do well in excessive heat, and this can cause a problem with a bulging battery.

Don’t leave your devices in your car on a sunny day and avoid charging devices in direct sunlight or next to a heat source.

Make sure you’re not blocking vents on your laptop which can happen if you use it on a soft surface.

Don’t Use an Off-Brand Charger

If your battery isn’t being charged properly, this can cause off-gassing that leads to a bulge. Make sure to only use the charger meant for the device and that is approved for use by the device manufacturer.

Replace Batteries That Start Having Problems

Does your battery only keep about half the charge that it used to? This can be a sign that you need to replace your device’s battery. Once batteries begin having problems, they’re more susceptible to other issues like bulging.

Don’t Always Keep Your Devices Plugged In

While devices are designed to stop charging when they reach 100%, it’s still a good idea to not keep your device on the charger all the time. Allow it to dispel the charge naturally through use, which can help you avoid a problem that might come up if a device doesn’t stop charging as it should.

If I Have a Bulging Battery, What Should I Do?

If you find that you have a battery that’s bulging, you should turn off your device immediately. You can’t wait until the bulging goes down or put it in the freezer to make it better. Once this has happened to a device battery it needs to be replaced.

You don’t want to charge the device or continue using it, even if it’s working. This could be dangerous and lead to injury should the battery explode. You also shouldn’t try removing the battery yourself if you’re not a professional.

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