Are Your Company’s Credentials Being Sold on the Dark Web? It’s Time to Consider Threat Monitoring

Are Your Company’s Credentials Being Sold on the Dark Web? It’s Time to Consider Threat MonitoringYou may have been hearing more about the “Dark Web” lately but weren’t quite sure what it meant to your business. Most companies are concerned with security threats like viruses and phishing attacks.

But, where do you think the stolen information from those cyberattacks is sold? If you’re not monitoring your company’s domain on the Dark Web, you may not even realize you’ve been the target of a data breach and that yours and your client’s personal information is being sold to the highest bidder.

As part of our mission to help strengthen small businesses by providing them with the tools to protect their company and help it thrive with technology, Quantum PC Services has added a Dark Web Monitoring service to our Quantum Care program.

This new service allows companies in Sturgeon Bay, WI, or anywhere else, to have their domain monitored 24/7 for any compromised credentials showing up on the Dark Web. The sooner you know if a data breach, the faster you can do damage control!

So, what exactly is this Dark Web? How it is going to impact your business? Why is Dark Web monitoring important for your cybersecurity strategy?

We’ve going to do a deep dive into the Dark Web in this article to explain what it is and why monitoring it for your company domain is vital for proper security.

What is the Dark Web?

To use a Harry Potter reference, if the normal internet is Diagon Alley then the Dark Web would be Knockturn Alley. The place where dark deals and illegal activity happen and where no well-meaning wizard would venture.

The Dark Web is accessed online, but not through the normal http or https website URLs. It’s not visible to search engines and to access it you need special anonymous browsing software.

The Dark Web is known as being the part of the internet that’s “underground” and where all types of criminal activity happen.

For instance, when you hear of a data breach at a major retailer where customer credit card details are stolen, there’s a good chance that the hacker is using the Dark Web to sell that stolen information.

In an article by CSO from IDG, they mention that login credentials to a $50,000 bank account could go for $500 and a “Netflix premium account login can go for just $6.

Basically, the Dark Web acts as a marketplace for all types of stolen information and it’s a place you don’t want to find your own company logins or other sensitive files that may have been compromised without your knowledge.

Why Does My Business Need Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark Web monitoring is one important piece of a complete data security strategy, which is why Quantum PC Services added it to our Quantum Care for companies in Sturgeon Bay and other areas.

Most companies understand the need to protect themselves with anti-virus software and warn employees about clicking fake emails with malware attachments.

Monitoring for your company’s credentials being sold on the Dark Web is similar to identity theft protection for individuals. If you know your data has been breached and details related to your domain are being sold, you can better protect yourself before you suffer a major theft or damaged reputation.

Small Businesses are Prime Hacking Targets

Cyber criminals often look for the low hanging fruit, meaning less secure systems. For every grand hacker breaching a major multi-national corporation, there are millions of others looking for easier targets.

Small Businesses are breached more than any other group.

According to a Verizon report, 58% of data breach victims are small businesses. So not only are smaller companies not immune from hackers, they’re the #1 target.

Data Privacy Regulations are Getting Stronger

If you take customer credit cards, you automatically are subject to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI for short). This standard as well as others like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protect sensitive data that an organization may need to store and transmit in the course of business.

If you’re not in compliance with PCI security requirements, fines can be from $5,000 up to $500,000. Most companies would rather find out as soon as possible if records have been compromised so they can plug the security hole immediately. Being alerted to a record attached to your company’s name or domain on the Dark Web gives you an early warning sign of a breach.

Proactive Monitoring that Keeps You Ahead of Major Incidents

If there’s a spyware worm implanted into your business network stealing sensitive information, it could go undetected for months. And during that time your data is vulnerable, and hackers are taking what they want regularly.

Real-time alerts from Dark Web scans keep you on top of your data security in a proactive way, which means you can keep the damage of a breach to a minimum. The faster you know about a vulnerability, the faster you can kick the hacker out of your system.

Here are a few proactive benefits offered by our Dark Web Monitoring Service:

  • Continuous scans of the Dark Web for your business domain
  • Real-time threat alerts
  • Compromised data tracking and reporting
  • Supply chain threat monitoring

Want to Learn More About Dark Web Monitoring for Businesses?

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