CES 2020 Recap: What Were the Coolest New Tech Gadgets Showcased?

CES 2020 Recap: What Were the Coolest New Tech Gadgets Showcased?

From a flying taxi to an electronic bear that brings you a roll of toilet paper, the offerings showcased at year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) covered the technology spectrum from the extremely useful to the just fun to have.

Each year CES gives us a glimpse into the types of gadgets that will be impacting our lives in the near future. For some items, that means a few weeks and for others, a few years.

Technologies that have been launched at CES in past years include the VCR and Microsoft Xbox.

Our appetite for technology and smart home automation only continues to grow each year and in the lifecycle of tech advances, it’s not that long before what was new yesterday is being upgraded and reimagined as technology marches forward.

The penetration of smart technologies into homes is expected to grow from 33.2% of smart homes in 2019 to 53.9% by 2023.

CES 2020 brought plenty to the table when it comes to technologies to make our lives easier. And if the tech showcased at past shows is any indicator, these innovations are going to become the new norm for consumers in the months to come.

New Smart Technologies That Have People Talking

Here are some of the most useful technologies that made a big splash at CES 2020 in Las Vegas this year.

Uber & Hyundai’s Flying Taxi

If only you could escape the gridlock during rush hour and make it to your destination by flying above all the traffic. Uber and Hyundai are working to make that dream a reality and they showcased their full-size flying taxi mockup at CES 2020.

The taxi is projected to be available for passengers in 2023 and is designed to reach speeds up to 180 mph and have the ability to travel as far as 60 miles.

mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

If you need a helping hand to get the baby to sleep, the mamaRoo sleep bassinet is an electronic mom and dad helper. It’s designed to replicate five unique motions, including:

  • Car ride
  • Kangaroo
  • Tree swing
  • Rock-a-bye
  • Wave

This Bluetooth enabled bassinet has an accompanying smartphone app and also includes soothing sounds, vibrations and a timer.

Danby Parcel Guard Smart Mailbox

Are you afraid that a “porch pirate” might steal your latest Amazon purchase before you get home from work? Danby has an answer for that with their Parcel Guard, which was launched at CES 2020.

This smart mailbox is designed to hold parcels up to 8”x10”x15” and will alert you when a package is received and has an anti-theft alarm designed to scare off anyone trying to tamper with it. The live video camera with motion sensor included also helps you keep an eye on things remotely.

Charmin RollBot

With a bit of whimsy and humor, Procter & Gamble showcased a way to get an extra roll of toilet paper delivered when you really need one.

The Charmin RollBot is a conceptual prototype and not for sale to the public as yet. It can be controlled with a smartphone via Bluetooth and balances on two wheels and holds a single roll of toilet paper to deliver you just what you need, right when you need it.

Millo Smart Blender

There are already smart refrigerators and smart ovens, why not a smart blender too? Millo launched the newest gadget for the kitchen to make your life a little easier.

Their smart blender is billed as “the world’s quietest blender” and it includes technology that allow you to save blending preferences. It also has sensors that automatically monitor liquid density and adapt speed and power accordingly. The blender also has a battery, so it’s cordless and easily portable.

SelfieType by Samsung

The future is keyboardless if Samsung has anything to do with it. Their virtual keyboard, called SelfieType, is designed to use a smartphone’s camera to track your finger movements and correlate those to the keys on a keyboard.

All you have to do is have a flat surface in front of your mobile device and you can use SelfieType to type virtually and have it show up on the screen, no keyboard needed.

Smart Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control System (SEMCS)

Are you having a backyard BBQ and want to keep those pesky mosquitos away? SEMCS launched a smart mosquito control system designed to lure in female mosquitoes and eliminate them before they have a chance to bite you or your family.

One of the benefits of this smart gadget is that it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, and instead uses natural attractors like CO2, light, and heat. The units can be used singularly or as part of a group for a larger area of protection.

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