5 Benefits of Having Your Next PC Custom Built for You

5 Benefits of Having Your Next PC Custom Built for You

A computer is a big investment, so most people try to get as much usable life out of them as possible. The average replacement cycle is approximately 5 years, but many people start experiencing issues with slowdowns and other problems before then if they haven’t purchased a quality PC.

The default is to go to a big box store or Amazon to buy an off-the-shelf PC that may or may not have quality parts. Typically, a person is looking for things like hard drive capacity and processing power and matching those to their budget, trying to come up with something as close to what they want as possible.

But there are many other considerations that go into a new computer and that can make the difference between a system running smoothly for years or one that begins needing computer repairs after just a year or two.

While many home and business owners are tempted when they see those Black Friday or Labor Days sales with low-priced PCs, what they don’t tell you is that those budget computers can end up needing replacement much sooner than a quality computer. Some of the issues include:

  • Made with lower quality parts that wear out faster
  • Have limited upgrade ability (i.e. might not have upgradable memory)
  • Have less processing power
  • You typically have to give up features you want to get the budget pricing

One option that not many people consider is having a computer custom-built. They may think that custom builds are “just for gamers” or they’ll have to know how to put it together themselves, but neither is the case.

Working with a PC pro, like Quantum PC Services, you can have a computer built that has all the options you’re looking for in a home or business PC and you might be surprised how affordable it is, especially when you factor in increased lifespan and performance.

Custom Built Computers… Not Just for Gamers!

We rely on our computers from everything from our daily workload to keeping track of household budgets, to staying in touch with friends and family.

It’s one of the most important things we interact with and rely on daily and when it’s not working as effectively as it should, it can have a negative impact on our productivity and stress level.

Americans spend an average of 142.5 minutes per day in front of computers (not counting at work).

Here are some reasons you’ll want to consider a custom-built computer for your next PC rather than settling for one off the shelf.

Better Quality Parts

When your computer is being built from the ground up, you’re not forced into any particular combination of parts, some of which may be lower quality than you want.

Additionally, some manufacturers have deals with certain PC part makers, leaving you fewer choices when it comes to things like processors, graphics cards and other components.

With a custom-built computer, you can have each part chosen for performance and quality so you’re getting a better PC that will last longer and perform better.

Save Money

Some people may think that having a PC built for them would cost more than a comparable model that’s shipped from the manufacturer, but in many cases, you end up paying less for a better computer.

This is because you’re often paying for the brand name when you purchase off-the-shelf and you have more selection when it comes to your components with a custom-build. For example, a part from a lesser known manufacturer may be just as good or better than a well-recognized brand, but cost you less.

Better Warranties on Parts

With pre-built computers, you’ll typically get a warranty in the 1 to 2-year range that covers everything inside the computer. But when you’re having a PC pro purchase parts separately, you get benefit of having the warranty for each part, which generally covers longer terms, plus each part will have its own warranty to fall back on.

Get Exactly the Features You Need

Do you work with graphics and need a better graphics card than is in standard PCs? Or maybe you use cloud storage and don’t need a large capacity hard drive.

Whatever your computer needs are, we can match them and build a PC that has the exact features to match your needs, so you’re not left settling for something that’s lacking some options you’d like or paying for features you don’t need.

You’ll also be less likely to need to replace a computer as soon due to it not being a good match for your workload.

Flexibility for Expansion

Budget computers are notorious for being harder to upgrade and expand. The PC manufacturer is in the business of selling you as many computers as possible, so they’ll limit things like memory upgrade, making it harder to expand your system when you need to.

A custom-built PC can be designed to be easily upgradable in the future, whether you want to improve graphics capability or double your memory.

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