Airplane Mode is for More Than Just Traveling!

Airplane Mode is for More Than Just Traveling!

The idea of airplane mode has always been associated with air travel. For a very long time, it was believed that the smartphone feature would only be used when on a flight. Frequent air flyers are familiar with the announcement made by the cabin crew while boarding about the need to put their smartphones in airplane mode. While many adhere to this, many don’t. According to research conducted by Allianz Travel Insurance, it was found that 17.2% of airplane passengers never put their phones in airplane mode during flights.

This is because they believe their phone usage will be limited, unable to access an internet connection, or unable to use their phones at all. However, there is more to airplane mode than we know. While airplane mode was originally designed to ensure the safety of airborne communications, it has quietly evolved into a powerful tool with applications beyond the realm of travel. 

In other words, airplane mode’s advantages extend into productivity, as well as phone health. This article will highlight the benefits of activating airplane mode on your smartphone aside when traveling.

What Are the Benefits of Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode is a feature everyone should take advantage of. Airplane mode is a mobile setting that cuts off the device’s connection to internet access and other Wi-Fi networks. Making or receiving calls, texting friends, and other social media uses are cut off when airplane mode is activated. This is a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want to switch off their devices or smartphones completely.

The benefits of turning on airplane mode are numerous, some of which include:

Battery life preservation

Just as you have battery-saving tips for your laptop, so also should you have one for your mobile devices. A significant advantage of using airplane mode on smartphones is battery preservation. When you turn Airplane Mode on, your phone will stop searching for a cell signal. This will automatically save power; you can save even more if you don’t turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

It is also an ideal mode to conserve battery during critical times when charging options are limited.

Reducing electromagnetic radiation to the barest minimum

Another benefit is the reduction of exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted from smartphones and other devices.

While research on the health effects of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices is ongoing, enabling airplane mode periodically can potentially reduce your exposure and address concerns about radiation levels.

An efficient battery charging experience

Putting your smartphones and other devices in airplane mode would ensure a faster charging experience, and the devices would be inactive. Since no activities are going on with the devices, all focus would be on achieving a rapid charging period which would save a lot of time, especially if one is in haste.

It reduces distractions, among other things

A temporal disconnection from the internet and other popping-up notifications reduces the time and temptation to check our devices constantly. One thing is certain; it isn’t easy to stay focused on whatever needs to be done with the number of notifications that pops up on the phone.

As a result, engaging in airplane mode can serve as a powerful tool to minimize distractions and enhance productivity. By disconnecting from calls, messages, and notifications, you can dedicate uninterrupted time to tasks, whether it’s completing a work project, studying, or reading.

Reduction in data consumption and potential overage charges

A lesser-known advantage of airplane mode lies in its potential to limit data usage. This is one benefit airplane excels in. By deactivating wireless connections, background data consumption is brought to a halt. This proves particularly beneficial in cases where you desire to conserve data limits or are in areas with weak signals. Activating airplane mode strategically can help you manage data costs and optimize your connectivity experience.

Enhance safe driving

Instead of turning off your phone or putting it on silent, airplane mode can play a pivotal role in advocating safe driving. By activating this mode while on the road, drivers eliminate the urge to check notifications or respond to calls, minimizing distractions and contributing to safer driving habits.

In case of an emergency

Airplane mode can also be a valuable tool in emergency situations. When it is activated, all wireless communication functions are disabled, leading to the conservation of your device’s battery life. This ensures that it remains operational when you need it most. In the event of an emergency, having a charged and functional device can boost communication and access to emergency services, providing you with a crucial lifeline.

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