6 Advantages of Using Network Attached Storage (NAS) for Your Small Business

6 Advantages of Using Network Attached Storage (NAS) for Your Small Business

When a small business is launched, typically the technology infrastructure consists of a wireless connection, individual computers, and possibly a printer or two. What ends up happening is that company assets in the form of files, marketing collateral, financial spreadsheets, and more get dispersed throughout multiple hard drives, making them more difficult to find as time goes on.

How much time do you spend looking for files you need each week? A few minutes here and there really add up. Studies show that that the average amount of time employees spend searching for information is 19.8%, or the equivalent of a full day each work week.

One of the ways companies can consolidate the data spread across multiple devices and make it easier for everyone in the office to find is by using network attached storage (NAS).

What is NAS?

An NAS device is like a separate hard drive kept locally onsite that all devices in your office or outside of them can connect to through a wired or wireless network connection.

For example, if your sales team is spread across the state and they need access to the most recently updated copies of sales materials, instead of having to sort through multiple versions on their laptops or tablets, they can simply access the copy kept on the company’s NAS.

The design team tasked with updating sales materials, can ensure the most recent copy of materials are always uploaded to the storage device, thus ensuring anyone accessing it has the current version.

NAS devices offer a great way to centralize your data and keep your team connected. Read on for several advantages that may make you want to consider using an NAS at your office.

NAS Cost and Time Saving Benefits

Whether you have a small business in Sturgeon Bay, WI or anywhere else, the issues faced with data storage and access are universal. The traditional method of file storage is on the hard drive of the device we’re working on, but that leaves data vulnerable and difficult to find for others in your organization.

Here are several reasons to consider using network attached storage.

1. Central File Storage and Access

Using NAS for file storage allows you to access any files you need either from your desktop workstation or when you’re away from the office remotely. This means no more laborious emailing files back and forth to yourself that you want to work on from home. And if you’re on the road at a client meeting, you can pull up any sales collateral you need remotely.

Centralizing your file storage also improves security and reduces the chance that files will go missing. You can easily set up file access permissions on NAS that will ensure only those that have proper authority can access a given file or folder.

2. Automated Local Cloud Backup

Network attached storage devices give you affordable backup solutions that can act as a cloud backup for mobile devices and PCs that are located onsite or off. For office computers, you can choose to backup via ethernet cable connection or wirelessly, which gives you more options for ensuring data is backed up safely and accessible when you need it.

3. Easy to Set Up and Use

NAS devices are designed to be simple to set up and easy to use. You won’t have to go through hours of complicated setup instructions and to make it even easier, Quantum PC Services can set up your NAS and connections for you.

Access is also made to be user-friendly and usually involves a web-based interface to make file access uncomplicated.

4. Reduce Hardware Costs

If you’re storing all your documents via NAS, that means you can choose less expensive hard drive options for your company PCs because they won’t need as much storage capacity. This savings on hardware can add up significantly over time.

5. Space-Saving and Compact

You’re not going to have to dedicate a lot of office space when using NAS. They come in varying sizes according to their capacity, and some NAS devices are no bigger than a toaster. This makes them not only convenient, but also easily portable if you need to remove them from the office ahead of a storm.

6. Affordable File Storage for Homes & Offices

NAS provides a very affordable option for both homes and small businesses for private cloud storage of files. The prices of the top NAS products, as chosen by PC magazine, start at less than $200, making them within reach for many looking for easier access to their data and the security of a local backup.

Take a Closer Look at Network Attached Storage Today!

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